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Three questions on blessing (what does the Church say about blessings?):

  1. What is the difference between a blessing and a prayer?
  2. What is the difference between blessing food. eg fruits, and offer it on an Altar?
  3. If a Priest have a need for a special blessing, eg blessing of his throat, does he need another Priest(/Deacon) to bless him?

There are two kinds of blessings - invocative and constitutive. The second of these, a constitutive blessing, must be given by an ordained person (usually a priest or bishop), as the liturgical books specify. That attaches a blessing to a thing, which also brings a blessing to the one who uses it in a state of grace, and reserves the thing for sacred use, whether in a church, or for private use. Priests give “official” blessings - i.e. in the name of the Church - to persons, which can be repeated (like at the end of each mass). The priestly (or episcopal, given by a bishop, or apostolic blessing, given by the pope) blessing imparts graces to those who receive it in the state of grace (i.e. a baptized Catholic not in a state of mortal sin).

Priests cannot bless themselves in a priestly fashion - but they can bless themselves the same way a lay person can (making the sign of the cross). Priests have to go to other priests for confession, the Sacrament of the Sick, etc., also.

Hope that helps.

that is a blessing from someone praying for you, eg Priest praying for you.
and does the two kinds of blessing give different results?

They both impart grace, but an invocative blessing can be done multiple times, like when we receive it every time we go to mass. Once an object like a rosary is blessed, it remains blessed unless it is destroyed or, I believe, sold to another person.

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