blessings by lay people

The priest in our parish likes to ask the parishioners to bless different people-people on their 50th, youth groups, the chior, missionaries, etc and asks us to raise our hands in blessing. Is this appropriate?

Does he ask you to bless them or hold your hands towards them as he reads a blessing over them?

Laymen cannot give blessings at all. Only parents can make a small sign of the cross on their children’s forehead using Holy Water.

No, especially not during a liturgy.

Canon Law: 1168: The minister of the sacramentals is a cleric who has the requisite power. In accordance with the liturgical books and subject to the judgment of the local Ordinary, certain sacramentals can also be administered by lay people who possess the appropriate qualities.

Note to Canon Law 1168: Laypeople in general are not granted the faculty to administer sacramentals: only some of them, chosen for their positions, may administer those sacramentals that liturgical law permits and the local Ordinary considers suitable. Among these persons one can find acolytes and readers, parents regarding their children, religious and catechists in the absence of a priest.

Do we not all say God Bless you?

1669 Sacramentals derive from the baptismal priesthood: every baptized person is called to be a “blessing,” and to bless.172 Hence lay people may preside at certain blessings; the more a blessing concerns ecclesial and sacramental life, the more is its administration reserved to the ordained ministry (bishops, priests, or deacons).173

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