Blimplike surveillance craft set to deploy over Maryland heighten privacy concerns



The news articles in the first post are five months old, however last week the blimps finished their testing in Utah. They are set to deploy over Maryland in October, but will first need to be disassembled and shipped via truck.

The blimps are intended to monitor air traffic. The goal is to be able to detect the launch of cruise missiles or similar hard-to-detect threats. The blimps will not have cameras or microphones.


Not so sure I believe that! If they have the option to add cameras and mics, I tend to think they will, after all, we all know what lengths the NSA went to spy on citizens, what makes you think they are stopping this activity, or even slowing down?

Id say, if anything, they are increasing this, and probably have methods we dont even know about, but the real question here is…Why are they so intent on gathering all this kind of info on literally every US citizen? I think they are up to no good.

But what does the majority of the US public do, when someone (Edward Snowden) comes along and tries to warn them of whats going on right under their noses?..They turn on him and call him a terrorist! LOL BOY, all I can say is, the US Govt has done its job of brainwashing the public over the years!! lol I would go as far to say if half these people were alive at the time of the nations founding, they would have turned our american patriots into the British in a heartbeat for many of the things they did! LOL


Funny. Hilarious.


“Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

“The gov’t is out to spy on old men with big bellies.”

More propaganda. Pick up a good book about how blimps were used during World War II. Oh well, got to keep the public worried. Get to get some eyeballs to web sites and get some chatter going.

There’s a term for this but I’d rather keep it secret.



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