Blind, Elderly Woman Threatened With Lien Over 1-Cent Bill,2933,453925,00.html

Well, let’s see…if you take into consideration the cost of the paper the message was written on, the cost of the ink used to print it, the cost of the electricity to run the machine that printed it, the cost of the postage on the envelope, and the fact that all of that stuff was paid for with the citizen’s tax dollars, when you get right down to it, they probably owe her.

I’d fight it. I’d make them put me in jail. Jails are paid for with tax dollars, too. “Come and get me, you dirty screws! You’ll never take me alive, see?”

The inmates are running the asylum in Attleboro, evidently.

She should call and ask if she can set up a payment plan. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

If you read the article, it says that the computer automatically sent the letter. Over 2,000 were sent. Mistakes and oversights do happen. These computer billing programs are meant to save money in the long run. It would cost a lot more if they had to send the bills out by hand then if they do by the computer. She is not a victim and this shouldn’t even be a newsworthy story. Pay the penny and go on. If you owe it, pay it.

That’s what I figured happened when I read the title of this thread. If a human had sent the letter, then I would agree with Wolseley that Attleboro was going overboard.

An amount so small shouldn’t even need paying. The government should just erase the debt.

This is the part that got me:

City Collector Debora Marcoccio insists the bill be paid.

Hey, if you’re so worried about it, babe, pull a penny outta your pocket and throw it in the kitty.

I mean, for cryin’ out loud. :rolleyes:

Not that this has anything to do with the story but the young Mayor of Attleboro is openly gay and has been repeatedly re-elected.

If the city looks foolish, so be it.

In this case, the debt should have been erased. I just wonder how many other demands for payments of small amounts went out?

Reminds me of the time my mortgage bank spent 34 cents (postage rate at that time) to send me a check for the overage in my escrow account. The amount of the check?

(Insert drum roll here)

One cent!

I would have understood had they chosen to keep the extra penny. :rolleyes:

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