Blind Faith?


Here’s a question I was recently posed with, “but isn’t faith to a degree blind anyway?? We are taking a trust into something we truly don’t know and putting in faith that our trust is true. In a way, by definition, faith is blind.” Is it really? I thought as christians we go on a trust that is grouded in reality, reason and facts. Who’s right?


Love is blind too. What does that tell you?


good love isn’t. and neither are good ideas. crashing planes into buildings is blind. blindness is evil.


Ask if they believe in the wind.

They cannot see it.

Yet they can see it’s results.

Feel its results.

So then, they have faith in something that they cannot see but have experienced the results of…:shrug:


does everybody who uses a microwave oven or watches TV or gets in a car everyday understand fully the science behind this technology? probably not, but that does not stop them having blind faith that their danish will heat up, their program will appear, or they will get to work just fine.


Zigactly Annie!

Without faith we cease to exist! Think about it; you speak to a hundred people every day and you have faith in what they say to you (or not). Every spoken word is a contract in faith, every time you accept what someone says to you:

“you need to file this form”

“if you do that you’ll get arrested”

“Lend me a tenner and I’ll give it back to you Wednesday”

Whatever-- it’s all faith. God speaks to us in this way, through history, in a real, tangible way. We couple our faith with reason, in order to properly discern what is right and of God and what is not, same way as we discern what advice our friends, bank manager or people on the internet give us!


That’s not faith though. All evidence is indirect. You don’t actually SEE objects, you see photons hiting your eye. Indirect evidence is evidence.


That’s not blind faith, that’s trust based on millions of people using them safely every day.


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