Blind Girl Can See After Adult Stem Cells Implanted

A young family is calling it “nothing short of a miracle” after their young girl, Dakota Clark received Adult Stem Cells to improve her vision. Read more about this new stem cell treatment at Adult Stem Cell Research

Other than a few British papers, nothing yet in the MSM. Of course, this is not unexpected since it was not embryonic stem cells.

Another failure (or is it censorship due to an agenda) of the MSM,

Yes, I am condemning the MSM. :yukonjoe:

As well you should condemn them. Here is a good example of the MSM (with their cronies in the medical community) taking a positive story on Adult Stem Cells and then twisting/contorting/paraphrasing the story and making it into a negative. Unfortunately, this negative “story” on a good positive stem cell story is getting a lot of play on the internet.

Maybe we should send this article to our local diocesan papers and encourage them to print this at the very least. Thank you for this information.

I like this idea. Maybe then at least the Catholics that voted for Obama will see that life does not have to be ended to make medical advances.

Yes, thank you, by all means, please send the article to whomever you think may find it helpful. Yes, many people are aware of the controversy/ethical issues of Embryonic Stem Cells, but relatively few know that Adult Stem Cells are helping people now!

If the United States and others made adult stem cells available today, it would help millions of people- similar to this blind girl. Does she have 20/20 vision? No, but as you see from the article, these improvements make a world of difference. And Adult Stem Cells do the same already for heart disease, diabetes I and II, multiple sclerosis and many more diseases/conditions- not 100% cures, but improve the quality of lives and lengthen the lives of people suffering from these conditions- with no lives lost in the process.

The blind girl’s father was kind enough to write me an email. I am a lucky man. You can see the full letter here - Adult Stem Cells

The only reason that ESCs are so favored is that they can be signaled into more types of body cells.

ASCs cannot. This is why they are favorable. Not the “pro-death” agenda, not the “MSM” (read: myth); the science is there.

How about we keep that in mind.

Here’s a fact that you have omitted. No cures have been made with fetal stem cells. None. But scores have been made with adult stem cells.

[citation needed]

Also, I need an actual news source. No WND, no LifeSiteNews, etc.

EDIT: Tsk tsk, using the talking points I see?

Then do use CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, Reuters… since I do not consider them credible news sources. :cool:

We will use any credible news source we want. Just because it is not in lockstep with the liberal MSM does not mean it is not reliable. In fact, it makes it more reliable.

In truth, most are biased. But, being to get the same information from both liberal and conservative media is what makes it credible. Both embryonic and stem cells have strengths and weaknesses.

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