Blind man typing. Little help


Okay I recently got my eyes checked, it’s been a while! And I’m new here and trying to navigate! But hey we’ll do a BASIC! I’ll have my new specs by Wednesday or Thursday. Here goes! When I go to a thread and I type my 2 cents. What I click on the iPhone to save / put my reply on thread! I did a couple of blanks. Lol so hey have pity till I get my new specs. I had tried tapping reply and it may not be correct thing! If anyone can tell me what icon or word to simply save a post and where to look on the box I’d really appreciate the help! Than you in advance! Pax! PS … I’ll learn what the “currently gray and fuzzy stuff is when I get specs… sure it’s cool stuff but a basic post for now… thanks


S:nerd_face: anyone. SAD thing is I probably have wisithout my upgraded no line bifocals actually accidentally or in my case blindly jumped right past such info on posting! Man I cannot wait to see again! This is ridiculous I even tried to have fun with you guys and upload a pic of my frames… Dear people I know how to upload it’s just well iPhone 10 year old Script lens! I guess I’m saying I’m not an idiot or a complete one ! Megan , my wife saw me holding a bag of frozen fries 2 inches from my face to read! So MEA CULPA MEA Maxima CULPA! People service announcement I say WITH LOVE… don’t wait till you are almost 49 to UPDATE THEM LENSES… otherwise you’ll be fumbling like me! But just you wait I’ll get my new peeps and I’ll be ROCKING! (-:


Welcome Irish8!

We will wait with you for the new specs! :nerd_face:
Glad to see you are making the best of it and using humor to get through it!


Hey we Irish soilder On blind or not right!


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