Bling bishop used charity millions for HQ: report

The German bishops really need to get their act together. What could they possibly need charity money for anyways? With the church tax the German arm of the church is far better off financially than in most countries.

More great news out of Germany. :rolleyes:

Yet another ratbag bishop. It makes you wonder if there any any orthodox bishops out there who actually do their job.

My bishop is good and orthodox.

If even some of the allegations made against this Bishop are true, how can he live with his conscience? It’s depressing reading and only provides ammunition for the enemies of the Church.

He ought to be handed over straight away to the authorities and prosecuted for fraud. If he is guilty, this bishop ought to be defrocked.

You and all the other posters who automatically accepted the hatchet job done on this bishop ought to give some thought to the possibility that the article isn’t actually accurate. Why would you just assume a bishop about whom you know nothing at all is the “ratbag” he is made out to be?

Here is another perspective on this story people ought to consider before making their final judgment.


So the outrage is over the use of foundation funds for the renovation when that foundation originally (over 100 years ago) had a totally different purpose?

I wonder how the outraged folks feel about real estate and funds donated to dioceses expressly and explicitly to be used for proclaiming the gospel being used to pay sex abuse settlements instead? Is that an outrageous violation of the donors too?

Perhaps that’s not exactly analogous since courts left many dioceses little choice than to pay up. How about the numerous religious orders who have been supported by many large donations over the centuries who abruptly abandoned their charisms (the charisms that prompted so much philanthropy and donations) after the 1960’s and used up their resources and ever dwindling vocations on political activism instead? Are we allowed to be outraged at the violation of the intent of THOSE donors?

Or is such outrage only allowed in certain cases? Like when our betters in media tell us it is time…

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