Bloated or Nourished?


When you read the ‘uniquely inspired texts’, do you use other writings to understand what you are reading, or do you simply use a concordance and trust the Lord to give you enough to feed yourself and your lambs ?

I know my title is hysterical, so please laugh as you reply to this one. Love, Pophead.


what is your question about Catholic doctrine? that is the purpose of this forum. If your question is about sacred scripture, that is the better forum. If your question is about spirituality and prayer, use the spirituality forum. As it stands your question seems rhetorical and not amenable to discussion.


“Trolling is a hook-and-line method that tows fishing lines behind or alongside a boat. Fishermen use a variety of lures and baits to ‘troll’ for different fish at different depths. Trollers catch fish that will follow a moving lure or bait.”

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