Blob of Tissue?



That is beautiful…

Is it from the National Geographic special??


I heartily recommend “In the Womb.” You can get a DVD from the National Geographic for about $25.00 We (Stone County, Arkansas, Right to Life) have purchased it and plan to show it at Sunday School and Religious Education classes throughout the county.


Ten fingers, and ten toes.
Two eyes and one nose.

Maybe there is a blob in the nose? But that is one very beautiful nose and no blob to be sure.


I’m sure you could call the brain a blob of tissues too.


This is definitly not a blob of tissue, but I sure needed one while looking at it! :crying: Absolutely beautiful!


That’s a living thing. Not a blob of Tissue. Talk about intellectual dishonesty.


I am waiting for the release of the NG Multiples in the Womb.
I think it will even paint a stronger picture of life because of their interaction with each other in the womb.


I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks (I had had tubal surgery and they wanted to make sure the pregnancy was not ectopic). My daughter looked like a little grain of rice - but I could watch her heart beating!!


The phase “intellectual dishonesty” is the most accurate description of the whole pro-abortion (and culture of death) agenda!


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No news story/link

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