Bloc Leader attacks Canadian Politician because of Opus Dei affilliation

QUEBEC CITY — Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe said today the Conservative candidacy of a former Opus Dei spokeswoman is a sign of the governing party’s narrow-minded views and attempts to bring right-wing religious views into Parliament.

Mr. Duceppe quickly jumped on a news report that Nicole Charbonneau Barron, a Conservative candidate in a riding south of Montreal, used to be the public face of the powerful conservative group within the Roman Catholic Church.

“My problem is that Opus Dei is a rather secret society,” Mr. Duceppe told reporters in Quebec City. “Those people certainly share an ideology, a narrow ideology, that doesn’t correspond at all to the modern times in Quebec…. That candidate said very openly that self-whipping is a sacrifice they have to do. I question myself on such practices.”

Mr. Duceppe said he doesn’t screen the religious views of his candidates. He added the Bloc’s positions on abortion and same-sex marriage are clear and likely preclude the religious right from adhering to the party.

Holy mother of God. What the heck?!

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