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I wonder what their rationale was? It seems like a grave mistake. On the other hand, an actively moderated (via Discourse algorithms) CAF should ultimately be better than a bunch of people automatically ignoring one another. While the ignore button is a Godsend on some online forums, enabling one to turn-off seeing personal attacks directed towards themselves, it doesn’t stop trolls (and groups of trolls) from purposely derailing threads, which can be a real issue.

I have watched more than once where a brand-newbie was absolutely torn to shreds and it was clear they had no idea what they had done (usually something trivial – if it was anything at all) and no idea of what really was going on.


Now that would be sweet.


This forum now runs to the discourse rules. It’s heading towards community building and self moderation. The old forum way of moderating , ignoring, banning, has changed. There is tonnes of info on the discourse forums about it.
It’s not google, it’s not Facebook. It’s a more modern way of community building.

Discourse has a good thread on the disadvantages of physically blocking rather then working though a personal why do I need to block this person.

As Catholics and Christians we should be better situated then most to build this community.


Their rationale is community building. The discourse forum has some great threads and discussions .

Here’s a link .

Browse through the categories just like here


Yes, it would. Having this function is the only way to keep the online community a community of civilized discussion. In real communities we exclude certain people from our lives who are toxic and disruptive. The aids in our own spiritual and emotional well-being and makes the community a better place to live in.


Live the commandment Love our neighbour,

We should form a wonderful community. One that practices tolerance, speaks wisely,


I agree that problematic people can be toxic and dysfunctional.

Many times too, they’re also in complete denial about their behavior and will try and rationalize it away, not even believing that it’s detrimental to themselves and to those around them, either. :frowning:


Then there are people who have an ax to grind against a person and thus make direct or subtle carps. This happens to me a lot. Instead of them ignoring me if they do not like me, they take every opportunity to carp, sometimes lie, and try to bait.

It is sad that people tend to do this sort of revenge or otherwise carp at people they do not like. Though often these people have mental issues. Nevertheless, it would be good to ignore them.


I understand what you’re saying.

God bless you! :heart:


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