Blocking people on Facebook against God’s Will?


I recently saw a picture and it said something along the lines of, “Relax. God is in control. He knows who is supposed to be in your life and who isn’t.” Putting this in the context of Facebook, would it be bad to block someone as you’re taking control over God’s Will? What is God wanted that person if your life, and you blocked them?
Thank you for answering my question!

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I would encourage you to talk to your pastor if you have trouble discerning these types of things.

Posters and pictures are not theology, so try not to take them so seriously.

God does not concern himself with Facebook. And no it is not sinful to block someone from your Facebook account.

There is nothing wrong with blocking people on facebook,

Goodness knows I don’t want to see what people had for breakfast or how wide a duckface they can pull.

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Hi SnowAngels,

No, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with blocking anyone on Facebook, if that is what you want to do.

I would not take that person’s post to heart about that saying about God, if I can reassure you on that.

I wouldn’t take this saying very seriously. The only reason to block someone on Facebook is if they are harassing you or nasty to you. If they are not, then don’t take it seriously.

If God is in control, and wants a certain person in your life, do you really think blocking someone on Facebook will be an obstacle to Him?

Anyway, God does not require us to be friends with anyone in particular. We are to love our neighbours, but not necessarily be friends with them all. We get to choose our friends. And God knows who we will choose and who we won’t, and who we will block on Facebook.

I blocked a woman who babysat me when I was six, from being able to add me as a Facebook friend. She is a JW and I didn’t want her on my friend list. I blocked someone who bugged me in high school (he was a creep) when he tried to friend me.

I think God would understand.

Having a Facebook acquaintance isn’t exactly a relationship. I am Facebook friends with people that don’t necessarily make me holy. I do block persons who show habits of vulgar or offensive posts, its just not something I really want to see when I’m on Facebook. Its healthy to place restrictions on the media you view because honestly your the only one who cares and the only one who gets too.

If someone’s posts are consistently pro-abortion, pro same-sex “marriage”, cut down the Faith in other ways, or contain too many vulgar words (whether from them or from other folks who comment on their posts) they get blocked fairly quickly from my Facebook page. I don’t feel I am doing anything against God’s Will by doing so - in fact, I’m protecting myself from near occasions of sin (anger and judging, to name the first couple of sins). Yes, I could lovingly try to correct them instead of blocking them but, in my experience, that just makes them mad and doesn’t build relationships. Oh, and I don’t ‘friend’ people I don’t know so the people I block are not out of my life - just off my page.

If you want to know God’s will you should pray and read your bible. If it a hard question ask other people to pray for you.

I think maybe you are giving too much power to a picture you saw … or applying the message in the wrong context.

As far a blocking on facebook, why are you blocking them? Are you doing it to hurt them? or are you doing it to protect yourself?

If you find you want to be hurtful to another person you should look at why you feel that way.

Some people have no sense of boundaries, and I think it is a good idea to block them. I had a boss once who I blocked from my facebook page. There were two reasons, one was he did not have very good respect for boundaries. Another was because I sometimes complained about work and about him on my facebook page. If I wanted to complain about my boss there were proper channels at work for me to use. If I needed to vent and talk to my friends, he did not need to see it.

I’ve certainly known people who facebook kept suggesting as friends, and I knew they did not want to talk about to me about their life. If I had friended them … it would have been 100% o.k. for them to block me.

I think in my life I have seen three case where God really wanted to put one person in another person’s life. God had no problem getting around circumstances and stubbornness … I think what is more realistic almost all the time is there are people in our lives and we can choose to learn ways to make God’s love evident in their lives … or we can choose to do our own thing. But mostly what maters is not who is in our life, but how we choose to treat them … to build them up in the Lord or tear them down.

It’s too easy for people you don’t even know to harass you on FB. I have had to block several people over the years.

If God is using fb as a tool, then he also put the block button there for a reason.

The only time I have ever used it is when someone posted something repulsive or crossed a BIG line.

If God is using fb as a tool, then he also put the block button there for a reason.

The only time I have ever used it is when someone posted something repulsive or crossed a BIG line.

Personally, I don’t care for fb anymore. I use it now, mainly to access other sites.

^^The above.^^

Facebook is not something that we should ever allow to have too much power over our lives, cause us guilt or anguish or fear, etc. Better to delete one’s account entirely than let it become such a source of stress. I was in fact getting ready to do so with mine until I found how to block certain people’s feeds. That saved me the stress of “unfriending” them. In addition, I have cut back on my usage of the site quite a bit and my life’s been the better for it.:slight_smile:

Thank you for all your responses! :slight_smile:

To be clear, I was meditating on the picture as a truth. I was only asking because I was curious. In some cases, I see a thin line between God’s Will and one’s own will. Obviously, this isn’t one of those cases, but I was curious to see what others though.

In my case, I blocked someone because there were harassing me and insulting God and Our Mother left and right, and I didn’t want to have to deal with it anymore (as they did it just to bug me).

One of your asked if I really thought a Facebook block could stop God if He wanted someone in my life, no I don’t. If he wanted someone in my life, He will make it know. :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your insight! God bless you! :thumbsup:

I was just reading over my latest reponse , and I am sorry for the terrible grammar! I must have been quite spaced out when I wrote it! I meant to say I WASN’T meditating on the picture as a truth. :o

Of course we are supposed to ask God in our decisions, but also He gave us intelligence to know some stuff, like who should we block from our lifes, so don’t go around waiting for miraculous signals to do stuff that is obvious.

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