Blog commentary "Al Gore’s 10 Global Warming Predictions, 12 Years Later — None Happened!"



Isn’t that funny?


No it is not funny. It is tragic that so many people, especially in the US, are unable to see the damage being done by human activity. This rejection of science is an affront to the long history of Catholic participation and support for science.


9. Katrina a Foreshadow of the Future – false – past 10 years, no F3 hurricanes; “longest drought ever!”

Anyone from the US would have known, on 1 Jan 2018, that Puero Rico still had not recovered from category 5 Maria, weeks after another category 5 Irma ravaged Bermuda before aiming at Florida and cat 4 Harvey hit Houston.

This is a fake blog post from someone far from the US. It is appalling that anyone pays arrention to it.


I’ve been watching Frontline 'The Face Book Dilemma".

We have been so manipulated by fake accounts, fake news, fake groups, all to divide us and it worked.

I have come to think that even some of the polarizing posts on this forum maybe fake posters just here to push buttons, get us stoked up and polarized.

Perhaps this OP.


Remember when Ted Danson said we only had ten years to save the oceans? That was in like 1988! Last I heard, they’re still teaming with life.
Anthropogenic global warming…biggest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind.


And teaming with plastic.


I once looked at a map showing the paths of all the hurricanes we know the paths of.

Make it bigger in the lower right corner to see the East Coast.

It is easy to see that hurricanes formed the whole shape of the East Coast, including the Gulf of Mexico.

And the coastline was already in place before 1492.

Hurricanes have been happening for a long time, and we have had reliable knowledge of them for only a short time, since the 1970s. Before that, we can’t know that we knew about all of them; a hurricane could have not been seen by people on the sea and made landfall in an uninhabited area, and the only thing we would have known is that a storm had occurred.

I don’t rely on hurricanes for information about global warming because we just don’t have enough historical info to know.


In fact, looking at that map it seems like if we built a small wall in West Africa, we could stop the hurricanes altogether.


That is kind of amazing.


And also based on dishonesty as it’s pretty clear it’s pushing an agenda that simply defies what the climate scientists have overwhelmingly concluded, as well as NASA, NOAA, the NAS, and even our own DoD.


A more accurate post would be titled, “Turns out Al Gore was right.”


But they’re all just part of the conspiracy!
:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


Doesn’t surprise me.


There are so many ad hominem posts in this thread, discounting the OP person or their web source.

Much better to just refute the content.

  • Did Al Gore make those predictions?
  • Did the predictions come to pass?


The assertions are so outrageous, they are not worth refuting. 10 years without a category 3 hurricane?

What would you do if I said the gospels are false because Jesus never learned how to drive? Is it worth refuting that?


I’m worried about the Great Barrier Reef myself.


It is tragic that so many people, in the US and around world, are unable to see through the lies of Gore and his cronies


Excellent refutation of the content!


The reason green alarmists’ predictions and warnings fall on deaf ears is that many of their “solutions” would end life as we currently know it and plunge millions of low-end and even middle-income people into dire poverty.

The “solutions” are simply too extreme!

Why not stick with small changes that regular people can make; e.g., the example given earlier about not letting the water run while brushing teeth?

I often wonder what Al Gore’s disciples would do if they ever visited a hospital laboratory (where I work). On one shift, in our department alone (there are 5 departments in our clinical lab) we throw away at least 10 (lately more) large biohazard bags (large = the size of a garbage bag) PER SHIFT! These bags are filled with PLASTIC WASTE–pipettes, inoculating loops, petri plates, automated susceptibility testing cartridges, id strips, etc.)

And we’re just one hospital!

I think Mr. Gore’s followers would have strokes! Or at least conniption fits!

And there’s little that can be done about it. Using non-disposables like glass petri plates and metal loops would be a step back to the Olden Days of Medicine and cost a FORTUNE for patients! And although many laboratory tests have been miniaturized, there is a lot of science that must be taken into account when miniaturizing a medical testing device. (I would highly recommend that students who are passionate about saving the environment stop spending time on political activism which accomplishes little, and enter the field of biomedical engineering, otherwise known as “Nerd Land” and work on miniaturization.)

The Environmental Evangelists remind me of the many people who make a living (or at least become celebrities) preaching about weight loss. In spite of the fact that 95-99% of people (depends on which study you read) GAIN WEIGHT BACK along with extra pounds, these people continue to tout extreme diets, diets consisting of food that simply isn’t available at a reasonable cost in many parts of the U.S. (e.g., fresh fish), diets that require drinking a supplement instead of eating food, diets that eliminate various food groups (e.g., “gluten-free” for non-celiac people), and most sad of all, diets that eliminate sweets, salts, and many of the other foods that are so pleasurable for so many of us.

Most of these diets have no research behind them, and even what sounds “sensible,” i.e., eating less and exercising more" really doesn’t have a lot of research to back up the claims that the weight will stay off.

EXTREME solutions to any problem are NOT the answer! Many people oppose Pres. Trump’s “Wall” because it is simply so extreme! I’ve been wondering why we don’t just build a really big cyclone fence instead of a wall? I don’t know enough about the situation to know if that would help, but at least it’s a lot cheaper and less intimidating.

I think the climate change alarmists would do well to adjust their expectations of what the average person is able and willing to do. I cannot afford a new energy-efficient car (or ANY car) at this time, but I can afford to get my car tuned up on a regular basis to increase its efficiency.

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