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You’re right. I wouldn’t know her name…Do they even still do the Miss America Pageants? :hushed:

For me it’s right up there with the Oscars or the Emmys…I just don’t bother. They seem so political anymore - usually in a way I don’t care for so I don’t watch.


I had a Miss America doll when I was a kid.
It wore a ball gown and a sash and the crown was glued on.

I pried off the crown so I could dress her in Barbie’s clothes.

Then I let Barbie wear the dress.


I have a young friend who has become involved in these pageants. I can’t believe the amount of money they spend on this, even having to buy the crown if they win a title. The stuff she’s involved in is also a “recruit 5 other participants and get some of your money back” schemes.

I’ve watched her change from a dedicated student with a passion for theatre and great work ethic to a stressed out teen who is failing courses and falling down on the job. She is no longer herself but the person she has to project to live up to the stupid contract she has signed with this pageant company. She is 15!


I think the internet changed the novelty of seeing a particularly beautiful woman. There are so many celebrities occupying the role of beautiful-woman-with-a message.

What we need is the pro-life message professed by such a woman.


i don’t think it is supposed to be all about “beauty”

the competition has become irrelevant

last i heard the “winner” was awarded a college scholarship; whatever that actually means i’ve no clue…

many of the contestants have graduated or are already in college


I had the same doll. In those days it was fun to dream you might be Miss America one day. However, when the word got around that you not only had to have model-thin good looks but also needed to train and compete for years, have coaches, maybe even plastic surgery, and use all kind of helps like swimsuit glue to keep your suit from riding up, and spend huge amounts of money to make it to the big pageants, and furthermore fit in with whatever demograpic was being favored that year as the winner, it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t about scholarships or even about talent or natural beauty. It was a huge fake industry and most women are going to just dismiss it and seek opportunities elsewhere.


yes; i don’t see how women would see “Miss America” as a path to success…

just like atlantic city, nj; the whole concept is dead as a door nail


LOL I read a Seventeen magazine article about Miss America pageants and they said that if you had any flaws like a scar on your knee, you’d be ruled out before you even got to that level.

I’ve had a scar on my knee ever since I attempted to slide into home base during a neighborhood game of kickball in the street.

So I scratched “Miss America” off my possible list of careers



I had a Miss America Barbie sometime in the 70s. The red cape she had was pretty cool, but for some reason, I gave her a haircut. It’s the only doll whose hair I think I ever cut. I don’t know why.


I still regret I never got a Cher doll


I had one! I think she had on a pink evening gown!

There was also another doll that had a penthouse apartment, and you could turn the hair on her head to make it go from blonde to black. I think her name was Tiffany Taylor? I remember having that one, too. Or I’m just completely remembering something that never existed. Off to google it!


I had Tiffany Taylor. I actually had both the large size and 12 inch size of her. I was a sucker for any doll with mechanical stuff going on, I think that was the engineer in me coming out.


Miss Massachusetts Contestant Drops Out After Pageant’s Host Mocks #MeToo Onstage

Touches on the various changes, including dropping the swimsuit competition.


To my knowledge, only one male beauty pageant has been broadcast on coast-to-coast television in the United States. Kristian Alfonso (Hope on Days of our Lives) was involved in some capacity.


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