Blog commentary "Could State Murder of Christians Ever Happen in the US?"



Standards really are slipping at Pathos if they printed this dreck.


Yes, I certainly believe it could happen, but some Christians would survive it as long as they adhere to liberal orthodoxy (pro-abortion, climate change is the greatest threat to humanity, etc.). Didn’t Camala Harris recently question a nominee for judge how he could be a fair judge in light of supporting the “extremist views” of the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Church?

But first they would have to disarm us. And they’re definitely trying to do that!


Father Coyle was murdered in cold blood in 1920 and the man who perpetrated this crime was declared “not guilty.”


The murderer was a Klansman in Alabama. They hated Catholics almost as much as they hated blacks & Jews, and were rarely, if ever, convicted of anything for decades. Nothing to do with “state murder of Christians.”


Pre-Nazi Germany was a Christian nation. If it could happen there, it could happen here. The seeds of state insanity and moral corruption - are clearly planted here in America and are growing, and bearing first fruits even today:
trivialization of human sexuality
homosexual equivalence
free choice of gender identity
physician assisted suicide
state and religious recognition of gender “change”

Insanity state-sanctioned, where moral right and wrong is decided by the amoral with the power of law, the military and the most guns - and driven by zeal straight out of hell - yes of course it is possible. We had better get serious, very serious about our Faith.


Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret


The risk increases as we move further from the three natural rights of life, liberty and private property. In addition, our Christian heritage is no longer important.

Big government is removing fundamental rights everyday. We, the people, are willingly going to slaughter.


It will happen when the Antichrist reigns.


In the 19th and early 20th centuries, persecution of Catholics was widespread in the United States, not at the hands of the State, but with the State turning a blind eye to it. Many churches suffered arson while the faithful were inside them.


Well, it does speak of negligence on the part of the Federal government. Klansmen should have been indicted on Federal Insurrection charges and tried in a neutral jurisdiction.


If it happens, we will have lots of martyrs going to Heaven.


Honestly, we have more people in the U.S. advocating for state murder on behalf of Christians than for state murder of Christians.


Not before we have one humdinger of a good fight :cowboy_hat_face:


It’s a tough decision. Those who take up arms likely do not get beatified. Learned that lesson from La Cristiada.

But the impulse is to fight on behalf of Our Lord, as many did in La Cristiada.

I think the only solution is to assist in a non-violent manner of some sort. :thinking:


Just War and Self Defense are definitely allowed in Extreme circumstances. Especially, after all other options have been exhausted. :shield::crossed_swords:


if he is acquitted of the murder then the state may as well sanction that murder.


Still, he was murdered in cold blood. the judge disallowed any witness testimony with respect to the the murder. This may as well have been a state sponsered murder.


A jury of citizens acquitted him, not the state. But it was still an injustice, nonetheless.


I think it’s, to say the least, a far stretch that state sanctioned murder of Christians will occur in the US in the near future. Possible? Sure, I guess. Likely? I doubt it. General support for religion in this country is still high, relatively speaking, and our legal system is strong and stable enough to prevent these kinds of things from happening.

We currently have a president who claims to support religious freedom, and many voted for him for that very reason. Our bipartisan political system is so deadlocked at this point that it would be hard for one extreme ideology to take over, in my view.

I do, however, foresee greater restrictions and antipathy towards traditional Christian ideas as our society begins to embrace philosophies and lifestyles which contradict the Gospel. This can be seen especially on college campuses and in certain political forums where opponents of Christianity are often not shy about their efforts to dismiss and stifle ideas that aren’t congruent with their own secular worldview. We’re seeing this now in the universities where professors who try to have intelligent debates about these things are automatically labeled “bigots” and certain vocal groups of students go after their jobs.

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