Blogger admits terminally ill baby was a hoax

Baby April Rose, the baby supposedly brought to term by her pro-life mother even though she was supposed to be terminally ill, is a hoax, dreamed up by a blogger who got caught in her own web of,2933,526037,00.htmlif I got one I got 20 forwards of this story as it developed all from sincere but deluded pro-lifers who don’t know how to apply the most basic prudential judgement to a story that relates to that topic.

There’s no need to make such a derogatory comment about people who work in the pro-life movement.

I couldn’t get your link to work, here is another:,2933,526037,00.html

I have been reading by Jennifer McKinney for a while now and she was one of the people that was involved in spreading April Rose’s story. I have also read by Angie Smith (wife of one of the singers of the Christian band Selah) who was also involved in spreading the April Rose story. Before you say that they were sincere but deluded I suggest you look into their stories.

Jennifer McKinney’s son was diagnosed with a terminal heart condition and 20-something weeks in utero and was not expected to be born alive. Stellan was born healthy in November, only to have his heart go bad again and he had to be hospitalized for a month and ended up having a very risky surgery. This woman reached thousands of people with her blog and in the midst of her son possibly dying, she constantly asked for prayers for April Rose.

Angie Smith’s daughter was diagnosed with a fatal medical condition and died a couple of hours after she was born full-term.

These women have more or less lived though what the mother of April Rose’s mom was going through. They had the best of intentions and were trying to help this woman out because they have been there and done that. Those are the people that lost here, not April Rose’s mom. These women poured a lot of their time and energy into this woman and her unborn child. They handled this situation with grace and dignity on their blogs before this story made it to the MSM.


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