Blogger forced to pay 'substantial sum' to Melania Trump in defamation lawsuit


Blogger forced to pay ‘substantial sum’ to Melania Trump in defamation lawsuit


He did write a nice apology, but how much money does he have? Is he wealthy?
Did they photoshop Trump’s nose? It looked different.

I hate to see the first family engaged in such lawsuits, but those were scandalous accusations against her reputation.


Eh, his applogy was canned and sounded about as sincere as my 2 year old apologising for eating a cookie.

I would hope that the First Lady would donate the money to an organization that helps sex trafficking victims and “real” escorts escape the lifestyle. I guess we will have to wait and swe though.


Chelsea Handler’s remark on Melania barely speaking English, I thought, was rather racist. As well as hateful and immature.


Chelsea Handler is a typical liberal feminist filled with a lot of hate. I don’t understand why
these celebrities feel the need to be so mean spirited towards Melania. This only makes Chelsea Handler appear small minded and immature. I guess she wants to score points among her celebrity friends who will applaud her for being so brazen. I bet Melania speaks more languages than Chelsea Handler!


Well good for Melania Trump. At least she was able to add more to her Trump coffers one way or another. Because in another lawsuit filed Monday, she argued she wanted to profit during the years her husband was in the WH and her chances to establish multimillion dollar business deals during these years in which she would have a once in a lifetime opportunity as one of the most photographed women in the world as First Lady had been hurt. Nothing like profiting off your husband being POTUS I suppose. But if you can’t do that, being awarded a substantial sum in this manner works too.


You don’t think Michelle Obama has not profited being the wife of Barack Obama?
How many magazine covers pictured her? How did their daughter manage to get an internship at the Weinstein Co.? How did the Clinton’s get so rich?


The Obamas and Clintons are history. I’m concerned about the guy and his family who are in the WH now.


Were you as concerned about the previous occupants?


There are some lights behind him that make him look like his nose is distorted, but if you look closer it’s his nose.


It looks like a W. C. Fields nose!


How did Michelle Obama profit by being Barack Obama’s wife? Did she? I don’t know. I don’t think she got paid for being on magazine covers. I’m not aware of her trying to run a business while her husband was president.

As to her daughter getting an internship in the entertainment business, who cares? An internship is no big deal. Sure, it probably didn’t hurt that her name was Obama. But I believe the internship started after Obama’s term had ended, and Malia will be off to college next year anyway.

In any case, some blogger wrote something scurrilous and unfounded about Melania Trump (who’s pretty much an innocent bystander in this whole mess). I’m glad he was called to account for it.


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