Blood Moon April 15, 2014: Lunar eclipse has Christians divided on End Times Bible Prophecy

With the upcoming lunar tetrad falling on Jewish holidays, some Christians have been discussing whether the event is linked to the Bible’s End Time prophecy. Though some Christians strongly believe that this year’s ‘blood moon’ eclipses are linked to a passage in Joel 2:31 that says, “The sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come,” other Christians believe that now is not the time for Christ’s return.

The Rev. Mark Hitchcock, a preacher and biblical prophecy expert in Edmond, Oklahoma told The Oklahomian that he doesn’t believe the eclipses are related to Bible prophecy.

How many eclipses have there been? This is silly. We have been in the ‘End Times’ since Jesus ascended. NOBODY knows when He will return, not even Him. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is interesting in that I love to look at the things in the sky and my son loves astronomy. So given that it is interesting :slight_smile:

Boy am I glad I gave up FB for Lent. Just think of all the end of times posts there until this happens :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not Church teaching.


The Knowledge of Christ (against the Agnoetae) *

[From the epistle “Sicut aqua frigida” to Eulogius,

Patriarch of Alexandria, August, 600]

248 (But) concerning that which has been written: That neither the Son, nor the angels know the day and the hour [cf. Mark 13:32], indeed, your holiness has perceived rightly, that since it most certainly should be referred not to the same son according to that which is the head, but according to his body which we are . . . . He [Augustine] also says . . . that this can be understood of the same son, because omnipotent God sometimes speaks in a human way, as he said to Abraham: Now I know that thou fearest God [Gen. 22:12], not because God then knew that He was feared, but because at that time He caused Abraham to know that he feared God. For, just as we say a day is happy not because the day itself is happy, but because it makes us happy, so the omnipotent Son says He does not know the day which He causes not to be known, not because He himself is ignorant of it, but because He does not permit it to be known at all. Thus also the Father alone is said to know, because the Son (being) consubstantial with Him, on account of His nature, by which He is above the angels, has knowledge of that, of which the angels are unaware. Thus, also, this can be the more precisely understood because the Only-begotten having been incarnate, and made perfect man for us, in His human nature indeed did know the day and the hour of judgment, but nevertheless He did not know this from His human nature. Therefore, that which in (nature) itself He knew, He did not know from that very (nature), because God-made-man knew the day and hour of the judgment through the power of His Godhead. . . . Thus, the knowledge which He did not have on account of the nature of His humanity-by reason of which, like the angels, He was a creaturethis He denied that He, like the angels, who are creatures, had. Therefore (as) God and man He knows the day and the hour of judgment; but On this account, because God is man. But the fact is certainly manifest that whoever is not a Nestorian, can in no wise be an Agnoeta. For with what purpose can he, who confesses that the Wisdom itself of God is incarnate say that there is anything which the Wisdom of God does not know? It is written: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. . . . All things were made by him [John 1:13]. If all, without doubt also the day of judgment and the hour. Who, therefore, is so foolish as to presume to assert that the Word of the Father made that which He does not know? it is written also: Jesus knowing, that the Father gave him all things into his hands John 13:3]. If all things, surely both the day of judgment and the hour. Who, therefore, is so stupid as to say that the Son has received in His hands that of which He is unaware?

I am much more concerned with my own end time! I know that is a sure thing and getting surer every day! :smiley:

I wonder how many red (or ‘blood’) lunar eclipses have happened in the past 2000 years? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re begining to sound more like JW’s all the time. Years ago there was a lady in I think Wyo. that had sort of an underground town built and said the world was going to end soon. I can’t remember her name but I wonder whatever happened to her and her followers. She called herself Mother something or other. It doesn’t do any good to speculate about the end, but pray. amend our lives and be ready for our end or the real thing if it should happen in our lifetime. Only God knows!!. TRUST HIM!! God Bless, Memaw

Quite a few. I myself have watched several of them, and there have been more that I passed on because I didn’t want to get out of bed to watch them :stuck_out_tongue:

Lunar eclipses (“blood moons”) are a natural phenomenon. I don’t get my Fruit-of-the-Looms in a knot about what non-astronomers have to say about them.

I would like to see it and try to take a photo but this is not the end, too much has to happen still.

Personally I do expect the Christ to Return in the next two or three years (although I don’t believe in the end-of-the-world part of it).

However, I was not aware of this blood moon prophecy. It is quite possible for the Christ to Return by next year, but I think in the next few months is little too soon - people are not quite ready to accept him (at least I don’t think so).

Hello all. This blood moon thing has exploded because Pastor John Hagee wrote a book on it and these 4 4 blood moods are suppose to happen all on the Jewish Calander or something like it did in past. He never predicted the end I guess he was just saying its getting closer. I wouldnt worry about it.

The Jewish Calendar is a Lunar Calendar, so there is a regular relationship between the months of the year and the moon (think of the date of Easter). Since lunar eclipses are related to the position of the moon then a relationship between the two is hardly unexpected – both are based on the moon.


Oh I see, but it is Church teaching to desperately search the sky for signs that the end is upon us? :shrug:

This is just a Lunar Moon, not the end Times.

I myself do not buy into all this doom. But I have thought this though. What if by end times Jesus and His Apostles meant at our death. Each humans life. Carry on.

The Return of the Christ should not be a cause for worry or thought of doom.

It should be an occasion for joy and celebration. Only the wicked need to be worried, the rest of us will be quite safe.

We should anticipate this event with eagerness.

Our priest had a homily about this idea once. It’s radical thinking eh? :wink:

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