Blood Moon...what?


Can someone enlighten me on why my Facebook is full of the end of the world mess because of the eclipse? Also, what are we, as Catholics, supposed to say about it?


For the most part, ignore it. It will go away. In the mean time, read this article:
Catholic Answers, Red Moon


Today there was a blood moon eclipse. There are supposed to be 4 blood moons within a short period followed by the end of the world. It is a load of rubbish. As Catholics we are not supposed to believe it.


Because Facebook is pagan?

Also, what are we, as Catholics, supposed to say about it?

“Abandon paganism. Accept Christ.”


I still have to go to work…


And some people are very gullible…


I really needed this. A person was talking to me about the Jewish community and blood moons. You are the best!


I don’t think I have ever met a pagan. :o


No credence to anyone who says anything about the blood moon eclipses. We know the dates of them in advance. It’s the usual people-looking-for-a-sign-of-the-end hype.

In 1999, people thought the world would end with the millenium. We’re still here.
In 2011, people thought the world would end because the Mayan calendar reached the last page. We’re still here.
In 2014, a series of blood moon eclipses started, and people thought the world would end because they were occurring on Jewish feasts. We’re still [connection lost]


I’ll just refer to it as a ‘total lunar eclipse’ and get on with it. :smiley:


What’s for lunch?

That’s my response.



Every time I hear ‘end of the world’ theories my eyes glaze over

As you can see, there have been a LOT of incorrect predictions


:smiley: This is the best reply. It is also the holiest one, given the replies of Aloysius Gonzaga and Dominic Savio to the question: “if the end of the world started right now, what would you do?” (“I’d continue in my state of life - doing what I am doing”).

Poor John Hagee. I respect his conviction and his Christianity, but he’s blustering very heavily about this. The presentation on YouTube is pure bunk. He carefully prefaces his statements by saying: “now don’t go out, saying ‘Pastor Hagee said the world is going to end on such-and-such a date’! I’m not saying anything of the kind!”… and then he immediately goes on to say when the Fourth Blood Moon will appear and the world as we know it (or, specifically, as Israel knows it) will end. :stuck_out_tongue:

It sure is a good thing he wrote a book about it. All those profits… I mean prophecies!


That’s what I didn’t understand about this lady on facebook. She said something about we need to pray for Israel, but that she didn’t care for Hagee. :confused: oh well. I just didn’t know how a Catholic should respond…I’m still in my one year as a Catholic. It gets hard sometimes not knowing everything.


Tell em it’s not holiday- they still have to go to work. :frowning:


Unfortunately they have and people still for this rubbish.



That’s funny…thanks for the laugh! :thumbsup:


Hon, none of us knows everything, no matter how long we’ve been in the Church. :slight_smile:

And one of the best things I ever did on facebook was figure out that I don’t have to respond to everything.


I started it, by accident. I said that I thought it was funny that everyone was freaking out. She let into me then. I don’t like being pushed around and I felt like she was doing that. I think I may just unfriend her.


NO, its not the end of the world, BUT the ‘tetrad’ is something very rare, only a handful of them have happened, and important to keep in mind, every single time one has happened in the past, something MAJOR has happened in regards to Israel, you can Google this for yourself and see, this will happen from 2014-2015, 1 year.

There is a small list that gives the years and dates of the past tetrads (4 blood moons) and what happened in Israel during that time. (each time, it was a major event)

Im certainly going to keep an eye on whats going on in and around Israel during the time of the last blood moon though!

I dont believe it is the end of the world though! However I do believe it is another sign from God that he is close and may be at the door, in the bible it clearly tells no one can know the exact hour of the second coming, BUT he said he will send signs and ‘hints’ using the sky and stars to the faithful so they will know when he is at the door, so in this sense, we will know when he is coming (roughly though)

You also have to remember many people are trying to make others believe there is absolutely nothing to any of this LOL Usually these people have their own agenda, and I doubt they would give God any credit no matter what kind of sign/ hint he sent! LOL They will ALWAYS come up with natural or scientific explanations to ‘debunk’ anything that may be a sign from God, so basically they are stealing credit that should be going to God and giving it to ‘mother nature’ LOL

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