Blood Moons, Raptures, Tribulations

Ugh, where do I begin?

My dad has been ranting and raving about the upcoming Blood Moon that is set to take place close to Yum Kippur, he thinks that it is a harbinger of the “perilous times” which are about to befall America. He thinks that ISIS is being trained by the CIA to be used for Population Control. He keeps on saying that the Rapture will take place in a few years, that America is going to be attacked by nuclear submarines, that Obama is going to declare Martial Law and subvert the Constitution.

I literally had to move away from my parents in order to preserve by sanity.

I suffer from anxiety attacks and OCD, both of which were amplified by a factor of 10 while living under my parents’ roof.

Things have gotten a lot better since I have moved in with my sister, I no longer suffer from anxiety attacks, and my psychological disposition is a lot better for it.

I was watching a YouTube video by “Evangelist Anita Fuentes,” a right-wing “evangelist” who is certain that the Satanic Illuminati and New World Order are brainwashing our children and that ISIS (the terrorist group) represents a demonic spirit which has been set loose on America…

I literally had to stop watching the video and exit the page in the interests of my own psychological well-being…

I’m sick and tired of this asinine, hogwash “theology” parroted by the Fundamentalist Protestants…

It is quite literally MAKING ME SICK…

I understand how it would affect you with your unfortunate condition and am so pleased you were able to get to a more salubrious place to live.
But for the rest of us… What fun! It is like searching the youtube for attacks on the Vatican! It is almost as good as watching Discovery channel on T.V…
Pray for your dad and all those who truly believe these conspiracy theories.

Bob Newhart offers some good advice in this youtube. :wink:

Like Petaro, I sometimes enjoy hearing the crazy (hilarious) conspiracy theories…
but if they bother you, STOP listening to them.
I have a relative who is like your Dad …i.e. a conspiracy-theory-affectionado.
Listening to his rants almost took all the fun out of it for me…but not quite. :smiley:

I recently heard this about Neil Armstrong…“Neil A. spelled backwards = Alien”

The link to bob newhart was hilarious!

I know someone like this, but he also believes that crack cocaine was invented by the US Gov to (somehow) sterilize the minority population.

He’s also a pro abortion atheist and isn’t interested in Margaret Sanger’s theories on eugenics. :rolling my eyes:

To know his history is to understand him a bit. He was a victim of trauma. The best way he found to work through his fear was to become an uber prepper. If he feels prepared, he feels less frightened about other things.

If only he felt that way about his soul!

My two sisters are also conspiracy enthusaists I ignore their nonsense most of the time

I’m not gonna lie, I’m scared to death, “what if” is all I keep thinking…

Yeah, just because you might be paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not really out to get you. :smiley:

What if all of the above is pure nonsense and all these people are wasting their time, money and brain cells worrying about something that is in God’s hands not ours?

I feel like if nothing else, I should take refuge under the wing of our Blessed Mother and confide in her and her Son our Lord.

About a week ago, I posted a thread in this Forum titled “Blood Moons, Raptures, and Tribulations,” detailing the insanity of my father and his zany fundamentalist belief system.

One week later, I am still just as scared, unnerved, and anxious.

Again, my dad is predicting that the economy will crash in October and that we will face an attack on the homeland from ISIS.

He is basing this on “Youtube Prophets,” and various online ministries. I know that I would have a better chance at winning the lottery than seeing his predictions coming true; I understand that they are not based on any kind of reasoned, logical judgement.

Nevertheless, I AM SCARED TO DEATH, particularly because October (and therefore Yum Kippur and the Blood Moon) is close at hand.

The strength of my father’s convictions is one of the things which alarms me the most; just the fact that he is SO certain that all this will happen is making me extremely fearful.

Guys, I need your help…

I need you guys to help me filter the crazy…

P.S. I know that the Bible says that no man will know the day or the hour of God’s coming, but he isn’t predicting God’s coming, but perilous times that are about to befall America in the coming months.

I can relate to this as I remember being very scared back in the Summer of 2006 when the Israeli/Lebanon conflict was going on as many Evangelical Christians were saying it was a sign of the imminent Rapture or World War 3 or both basing their theories on the passage in the Gospels where Our Lord said that when the armies surrounded Jerusalem it was a sign His Coming was near. Then when that conflict ended some of them started saying Iran was planning to nuke Israel or the US or both on a certain date. Again this scared me as I too struggle with anxiety disorders. Needless to say this date came and went with no nukes being dropped anywhere. I have also been scared by a guy who was saying that the Lord showed Him that the Lord would pour out His Judgments on the earth which would cause terrible suffering to many including Christians. Since then I have tried to keep away from that sort of thing as they can “trigger” me if I am not careful and I try to take such doom and gloom “prophecies” with a pinch of salt but do sometimes find myself worrying about all these predictions of an imminent worldwide economic crash and praying that the Lord will spare us from that. The real Hellfire and damnation preachers on YT, both Catholic and Protestant but mainly Protestant also scare me as they make me scared of going to Hell for not being the perfect Catholic/Christian:(

God loves you and if He cares for the flowers of the field how much more will He care for you? He is bigger than anything that could ever happen in this world. We don’t know what could happen tomorrow but God cares for us and He knows.

You must learn to trust in the Lord. My daughter who is bi-polar has now gotten into this type of beliefs, although she thinks she is Catholic. I feel she is delusional as in the past she tells us the dates and what is going to happen, so far she is wrong and now says she doesn’t know the date, it could be a year or two, not tomorrow.

I know from your thread that your father reads the same sites, there are many who believe all this and at least I know my daughter has a brain disease, others just follow whatever some “apostle” says on the web.

Of course the world is in terrible shape, however, one must do as Christ said and always be prepared. Tribulation is not in the Bible and neither is the rapture. If you are in Christ then all will be fine.

I know it is very difficult when she sends texts and e-mails to her sisters and me constantly and also says that God speaks to her daily, just as many who have websites say.

Let it go and let God.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


… ever thought of getting off the internet? :shrug:

Well, if you are going to follow these ideas on the internet, make sure you view the de-bunking sites too. They are not so many, but much more compelling. (Ditto 9/11 conspiracies.)

There must be something in human beings that attracts us to being prepared for horrors. Many people of your dad’s generation built nuclear shelters, and prepared them for years of underground living. Few people record all the false alarms as they pass their deadlines. Sure, we are now in really bad times. But it is nothing like as bad as the Cold War threat of nuclear Armageddon. Catholic Answers’ “Essential Catholic Survival Guide” has a hilarious section on the doom predictions of Jehova’s Witnesses. Let’s not go down that path…

Historically, stock-markets corrections occur in October if a fall is due. This has become something of a self-fulfilling observation. Don’t panic. Thank God for every reminder of how unimportant our material anxieties are.

Didn’t you move out to get away from this? You really need to limit your contact with him, and stay away from any sites on the internet that support this insanity.

First of all, as someone who has bee treated for OCD, seek medical help if you need it. Really, it can help if things are too bad for you to handle.

Now, I have also experienced what you are talking about - especially from Harold Camping in 1994. End time speculation is nothing new. The characters change be it the Ayatollah, the Russians, the Myans, or ISIS, but the story is the same. I would go through the same “what if’s” that are bothering you. Try not to spend too much time dwelling on things this way. In one sense, there is nothing you can do about anyway but consider who you are getting the information from. No matter how convinced or sincere they are, how would they know anything more than you do ??

Here is a list of past and future predictions. The past ones were all false of course and the future dates will most likely move into the “past” list once those dates come and go.

I suggest you take your own advice.

I recently discovered a website (that I thought was a news and commentary site) that devotes alot of time to the blood moon stuff.
I too was alarmed. Not by the blood moon theories, but (especially after reading some of the comment sections) by how many mentally ill, cultish, brainwashed people there are out there.
This is paranoia. Mental illness.
I have a relative who is prone to paranoid thoughts. It escalates if he spends too much home alone without any outside social interaction. It also escalates if his independence is threatened in any way (in his perception)…in his case, that can be hospitalization for an illness or surgery.

You would do well do make sure that you have adequate social interaction among healthier people, and view your Dad’s rants as part of his illness. I hope the sister you’re living with isn’t part of this kind of thinking.

Look, it’s a sure thing that things like natural disasters and perhaps even terror attacks are going to happen, whether you’re freaked out in advance or not. So put your thoughts on being grateful every day, find friends and productive things to do, and put your trust in God that He will help you through anything you do have to confront…and it’s far more likely you’ll live a safe life into your old age.

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