Blood of Christ and Judaism

In the torah talks about not drinking the blood of animals I guess that would mean anything. But we say we do, that is drink blood. At least in a fuguritive manner. It also talks all through the OT. and in Psalms too. God does not desire blood. Blood is not need for forgiveness of sins and obedience is much more important than blood. I’m a little confused here at what all is going on. I understand Samuel knew more than most and most of us. But why are we saying we are partaking in his blood?

Because we are. Because He told us to.

No it’s quite literal

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Jesus was not an animal, but a human. Nevertheless neither is it cannibalism.

Merriam-Webster defines cannibalism as “the usually ritualistic eating of human flesh by a human being,” but there are several important differences that prove Catholic are not cannibals.

  1. First, cannibals eat the substance of ordinary human flesh under the form of flesh.
    Catholics consume the glorified human flesh of Christ under the form of bread and wine.

  2. Second, the victim of cannibalism is often killed then only the parts that provide temporal nourishment are consumed. The soul is not consumed (since it is immaterial and departs from the body at death) and the inedible body parts are discarded. But those who consume the Eucharist do not kill Christ, and Christ’s person is not consumed in part like a victim of cannibalism. Instead, the communicant receives Christ’s whole person—his body, blood, soul, and divinity, and, unlike the temporal nourishment provided to the body through cannibalism, the Eucharist provides the communicant spiritual nourishment that leads to eternal life.

To your point: a symbolic interpretation of the Eucharist does not escape this objection either.

Even if Jesus were not physically present in the Eucharist, the fact that the Eucharist
symbolically represents his body and blood would mean that Protestants were taking part in symbolic cannibalism. But Christ would never command his followers to symbolically act out an evil like cannibalism any more than he would instruct his followers to symbolically act out an evil like rape or murder.

The simple truth is that Christ did not command us to be cannibals, either literally or symbolically. He instead commanded us to receive him in a bodily way as the new Passover lamb. Finally, because Christ is the God-man, we don’t relate to him as we would a fellow human. Worshiping a man, for example, would normally be idolatry, but if that man is God, as is the case with Jesus Christ, then it’s not idolatry. Likewise, eating a man would normally be cannibalism, but if that man is God and he has given us his body in a miraculous way for our spiritual benefit, then consuming him is not cannibalism.

In fact, it would be a sin to disobey God’s direct command to eat his body and blood so that
we may have life through him.

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