Blood of San Gennaro ceremony


I read about this on another thread and just reading some other articles on it online, it seems like this has only failed to happen 2 other times, anyone know if this is accurate?


I read about this miracle the other day for the first time. I had never heard of it before.
I am a little doubtful about the prophetic theory behind the blood not liquifying as tragedy happens around the globe yearly. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens in the coming year.


The story says:

The blood failed to become liquid in 1939, the year in which World War II started, and in 1980, the year of the Irpinia earhquake in which 300 people died, according to the La Stampa report.

That’s a pretty big spread – an earthquake that killed 300 people, and the Second World War, during which millions upon millions died?

I think the statue might not be all that reliable as a predictor of bad years. . .


We’ve already had tragedy this year in Europe…but I doubt the blood had anything to do with that



I never have either, all the articles seem the say the same thing, Im wondering if there is some kind of log so its accuracy can be proven.

However just the fact that ancient blood DOES liquefy on some kind of celebration for so many years…I think that says alot all by itself, there is no practical explanation for that kind of thing.


I think this is superstition. We have never stopped looking for signs even after Jesus told us to not look for signs.

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