Blood Transfusions: Why?

There is really no need to get angry or defensive when it comes to the JW doctrine on blood transfusions.

      There are hundredths of different Christian denominations, and each one of them has its own doctrine based on their individual interpretation of the Bible. The JW, however, have been wrong several times when it comes to Bible interpretation. 

      Its founder, Charles Taze Russell, for example, prophesied for many years that the world was going to end in 1914. Obviously he was wrong!

      In my personal opinion, there is no need to argue the Biblical principle on any of the JW doctrines. Instead, is better to expose the fact that if the JW have been wrong in their Bible interpretations, maybe they're Biblically wrong in their doctrine on blood transfusion.

That is a very very good point too. They have been wrong, and their doctrine is completely false and flawed. Yes, your quite correct, they are wrong when it comes to the blood issue. One can point out Scripturally how wrong they are on the blood issue. As a matter of fact, one can point out Scripturally that they are wrong on all their doctrines.

We can show them piece by piece the flaws and falsity of their doctrines. We can go over one doctrine at a time and point out biblically where they are wrong on every single thing they believe. it really is that simple. So no, there no point in arguing about it, just point it out to them.

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