Bloody Sunday 1920: Croke Park killings remembered 100 years on

Bloody Sunday 1920: Croke Park killings remembered 100 years on - BBC News

Bloody Sunday (1920) - Wikipedia

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Plaque errected to the memory of the three Volunteers killed on this day:-

The symbol at the top is that used by the Irish Defence Forces and derived from that of the Irish Volunteers founded in 1913.

Bloody Sunday: A day of horrors, in three acts (

Quite sad, these stories make me think it was a blessing my family were all living in the USA by this time.

This and the battle at Crossbarry and Kilmichael ambush were probably among the
bloodiest days in the War Of Independence.

Crossbarry ambush - Wikipedia

The commanding officer on the British side of this had the ill-luck to later wind up having to surrender to the Japanese at Singapore.

Kilmichael Ambush - Wikipedia

(It’s the 100th anniversary of that in a few days).

Collins plans is often cited as having broken the British spy ring but that’s a vastly over-stated claim. Collins set out to have at least 35 or more officers killed and in the end only about a third of that were. He did damage and the British stopped regarded him and the leaders of the IRA so arrogantly as a result but they were effectively really starting to run out of weapons slowly but surely by this point. By the time of the treaty a half a year or so later Collins and others reckoned they had no hope of fighting on for more than another few months anyway and were amazed at the British offering talks.

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