Bloomberg accidentally kills Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Bloomberg accidentally kills Apple CEO Steve Jobs

In an error that could have cost Apple investors millions of dollars the Bloomberg financial newswire accidentally published a 17-page obituary of Apple CEO Steve Jobs yesterday.

It is common media practice to keep obituaries of the famous on file even when they are healthy, so that the obituary can be published at a moment’s notice when the sad event occurs.

Apple’s stock trading on the Nasdaq plunged nearly 2 percent when rumours of his ill-health surfaced when people started reporting about his gaunt appearance at the launch of the iPhone 3G. Jobs made a remarkable recovery from pancreatic cancer in 2004.

The New York Times has even cited one analyst saying that were Jobs to leave Apple unexpectedly, the company’s stock would likely plunge 25 percent, because he is such a huge part of the company he co-founded.
“No one wants to die,” Jobs told an audience at Stanford University in 2005. “And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it.”

Accidentally published Jobs’s obit? Are we sure somebody in the office wasn’t selling short?

It isn’t the first time the MSM has “accidentally published” a well know person’s obit. I seem remember a few a few years back.

Saying that, I would check all employee transactions for the past month (especially the last couple of days and about 31-40 days ago).

The link seems to not be working, but here is another with what I was talking about:

It happens. In April 2003, CNN inadvertently published draft tributes to several luminaries, including Fidel Castro, Cheney, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan. The last two have since departed, but the rest, like Steve Jobs, are still living.

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