Blow-Up Doll Prank Lands Student In Jail

I’ve been really confused by this case in recent days. Basically, the kid stuck a blow-up doll in a girls bathroom as a senior prank. Not a cool thing to do, but definately not a felony. Possibility of 8 years in prison for this?

On top of that, no major news sources in America are picking up the story. It is all over Indiana news, and Belgium news (though I don’t know what they are saying about it, because I don’t speak the language, and can only make out Tyell’s name in the articles.)

Bet’s website covered the story, but they seemed to describe it as a kid going to extremes because of bad parenting, and gave parents tips to pervent such actions. Huh? They completely missed the point that THIS IS AN 8 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE over something very normal and common amongst teenages.

I’m pretty sure major news sources have been notified, because there is a facebook page with over 2,000 members working tirelessly to get the story out there.

I think this story is of the utmost importance to Americans. It’s an important thing when normal teenage behavior can land a kid in prison for 8 Years! Not to mention the tragedy this will cause in this kid’s life, because up until this point, this kid had never been in any trouble and is described as a good student.

It’s all very unsettling to me…

According to the timeline offered by the school, security cameras caught him carrying in a package while wearing latex gloves. then leaving without the package. And then they called in the police, before discovering the doll.

But school officials say that the prank cost them more than $8,000 and prosecutors don’t see the humor.

“In this post-Columbine world, that’s what you get when these kinds of things happen,” said prosecutor Phil Caviness.

I don’t know more than what the two articles have provided, but it does seem (even before 9/11) that high school pranks are being treated as serious crimes much more so than in the decades past.

So he’s being faced with a sentence for a crime he didn’t actually commit in the name of Columbine? So it’s not that he intended to criminally make mischief that matters… it’s how they spin it? Well, I better not walk in to church while talking about Call of Duty while wearing all black.

BTW, this is modern-day journalism - notice how the first paragraph says “blew up”? And the second one paints this Columbine-esque picture of a creepy guy sneaking in to kill everyone? Now you notice. Why do they want to evoke memories of “goth” kids (they weren’t really) killing people every chance they get?

Hes *facing *a felony which should be reduced to misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The maximum sentence for the felony is 8 years. A first offense misdemeanor gets no jail time.

The caption on this thread is overly sensationalistic.


I hope that you are right and the charges will be reduced to misdemeaner, but right now there is a preliminary charge of Felony Criminal Mischeif.

I had read somewhere that the bail his family had to pay was something like $20,000?

I’m glad that you have so much trust in our justice system, and I sincerely hope that you are right.

But honestly, I am really afraid for this kid.

8 Years for Senior Prank, that’s a long time in a really bad place.

Latex Gloves

Well, he certainly committed burglary or breaking and entering, both felonies. I don’t know why the DA felt he had to raise the spectre of Columbine.

I certainly hope he is allowed to plead to a misdemeanor, but he is wrong to believe (as he apparently does) that he didn’t do anything wrong.

I’ve read both links and all posts up to this time.

My two cents’ worth is that this thread is aptly titled, and not sensationalized at all.

I also think he didn’t do anything wrong. I see no evidence of breaking and entering nor burglary.

Looks to me like, the extremism is on the school authorities’ side of it. Yes, Polly, governments unwatched by the voters do go to extremes and this is an example of extremist government, imho.

God loves all of you,

I dont think so. It seems to me that this kid wanted the school officials to think that someone was planting a bomb only to find that its a blowup doll. Why else would he be running around hooded and with latex gloves while he was planting it likely in the full knowledge that they were watching. He may have thought that it would be funny for the school officials to believe there was a bomb and call the police but it cost the school eight grand. It constitutes Criminal Mischief under Indiana law:

(a) A person who:
(1) recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally damages or defaces property of another person without the other person’s consent; or
(2) knowingly or intentionally causes another to suffer pecuniary loss by deception or by an expression of intention to injure another person or to damage the property or to impair the rights of another person;
commits criminal mischief

It becomes a Class C felony because the pecuniary loss exceeds $2500.

Hopefully he grows up and acknowledges that he was wrong and wont think that wasting the time of law enforcement and emergency responders is funny anymore.

Wow. That is crazy.

How often is the story “faces up to”, and how often do they get the max on a first offense?

The main thing is, it’s working. He probably learned something, and so did the rest of the kids in that school. I certainly wouldn’t do today the things I did 30 or 40 years ago. Not even 10.

I don’t think this kid fully understood the ramifications of what he was doing. I’m sure he knew there were cameras in the school that he would be seen on (Doesn’t every kid know where the cameras are in their school?) …but I still don’t think he fully understood what this kind of action means in modern America.

This act, decades ago… would not have caused the ruckus that it does today. Everyone would have had a good laugh and he may have been suspended. So I find it a scary thing that we’ve come to this point.

I still am very fearful for this kid, because although I don’t have all of the facts, I just think he and his family must be traumatized. I find myself very concerned, because he could be any one of our kids. (Lord knows I did some dumb stuff at 18!)


To be fair to Beau the thread title is not currently what I originally wrote. (presumably changed by the moderators?). The original title was a little sensationalistic…that was me acting on emotion because the case upset me so much. Thank you to whomever edited it.

How exactly does the school arrive at the $8,000.00?

No property was damaged.

Even if they had to pay for the emergency response, this seems a little high.

It was probably the cost for the emergency responders. How high it is depends, I think, on what type and how many units respond.

Well if he actually went in the girls bathroom he was out of line.As to the doll I don’t see what terrible crime he may be juvenile or in bad taste but I don’t see how the could possible give more than a suspension unless he’s been in trouble before.Anyway it didn’t even inflate.

Hi, EmporerNapoleon,

You are correct in all that you say; but you leave out the fact that the cost was incurred by the laws in place, as much as by the teenager. We do not really know his motive for this prank, and the law you quote requires knowingly or intention to deceive. That he knew the cost would be incurred needs to be proven. If, in his mind, it was a harmless prank, then he is innocent of breaking that law.
That he knew there were cameras and to keep his fingerprints off the box is why he wore a hooded sweater (to foil the cameras without damaging them) and wore the gloves. I think his only mistake was in confessing he did it. That’s a lesson he can learn, that you don’t seem to factor in.
I know that sounds criminal … but when this era’s laws criminalize ordinary human behavior, and criminalize good behavior (praying in public) then every citizen needs to protect themselves from the unjust laws.
I hope the boy’s parents can get a good lawyer.

God loves you,

Just wondering.
Some state laws specify a $500.00 per hour charge for each hour response is on site.
That would make this call a 16 hour event.

Perhaps state laws are different there.

Either way, it is unusually high.

I suspect the school is inflating their costs.

Because although he did something wrong, something he knew was wrong, otherwise why wear gloves, he should not have to incur the penalty?

He knew to wear gloves because he watches TV, same with the hood. He acted like a criminal, that is not ordinary human behavior.

Good morning, maryjk,

The only wrong thing I saw was his entering the girl’s rest room. He played the paranoia of the authorities quite well with the box of the inflatable doll. Common senses tells us that a bomb would have been 1) hidden and 2) a bomb that big would have been put where it could have blown up more people.

And, if you see a prank as criminal behavior, then may God have as much mercy on your soul as on Tyron’s soul.

God loves you,

A prank that cost the school $8,000? Nope not criminal at all. :rolleyes:

It may not be a felony, but the even the student knew it was wrong. He wore gloves and a hood so he couldn’t be identified.

And you know what, let God and me worry about my soul. I don’t need you to worry about it.

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