Blue as a Liturgical Color?

This has been a thought in my head for a while and it intrigues me. When I was little, I had thought one time that the banners in my church (because we had those) during Advent looked Blue (or maybe it was Lent). During mass, I looked over and saw the priest is wearing purple. I was and maybe still am partially color blind from not being able to differentiate between the two colors, but I was wondering about how blue could be used as a liturgical color. I was going to say Advent but apprently the Angelicans already use blue as their color for advent. I think for the most part that is what we should do or we should have blue vestments, since I recently figured out we have black vestments. Another reason for wanting blue as a vestment color/liturgical color is because blue is my favorite color, What do you all think? (I know blue can be on a vestment but not like full blue vestments because I’ve seen plenty of white vestments with blue in the middle.) (yay, no more scrupulous posts from me anymore, hopefully :smile:)

I don’t have an answer to your actual question, but will add:

Blue candles = everyone already bought the purple ones, you squint, shrug, and say close enough!


Blue could be used if the Church changed its discipline. But I do not think that will happen. Blue does not have the same penitential connotation that purple has in the Catholic Church. The colors of the liturgical seasons is not random.

Blue could be adopted for Marian feasts, as it currently is in some places through permission of the Vatican. Again it would require a change in discipline.

So right now, no we cannot use blue. Someday, if there is a change in the liturgical rubrics, we might.


In the East, blue is used for feasts commemorating the Theotokos.


I’ve heard of the Eastern Rite using blue but do they use it as a liturgical color either?

Another thing I should add is that I closely associate blue with Christmas because of these banners at my church for the Christmas season. (Yes, that’s my parish and the celebrant is our “auxiliary pastor” is the best way I can translate that from Vietnamese…) (Pastor is not present and yes, I know there’s no tabernacle in the alter. It is to the left in a chapel…)

Blue is not a proper liturgical colour. I have heard of various parishes using blue vestments during advent, and that is forbidden.

By special permission, blues vestments may be worn in certain places on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, and in some other places on other Marian feasts. It is not a universal practice though.

If more attention were paid to the messages of the Liturgy, rather than the colors or form, this might be a better world. Rejoice Always!

It was just a random thought…

We don’t really have liturgical colors in the same sense as the West. East is based mainly on “light” and “dark” colors.


Ah, I see…


Which gives much freedom and yields much less uniformity. It is not unusual at liturgies with large gatherings of priests to see 6 or 7 or more different colors of vestments.


The priest at my local Ukrainian Greek Catholic mission wears a set of light-blue vestments. They’re the only ones that the mission has, and I suppose (according to the liturgical customs of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church) they’re the only ones that he needs.

They were purchased for the mission about 15 years ago when it began, and he’s been wearing them every Liturgy ever since!


My priest wears blue on Marian feast days. I found this on EWTN.


Was most disappointed that my priest wore purple and not pink on gaudete Sunday :frowning: I was looking to that


Rip, I was sort of disappointed when only the celebrant wore rose and our deacon wore purple… It didn’t match…

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Perhaps you could volunteer to head a fundraiser to purchase Rose Dalmatics? Or matching sets of Vestments?

Vestments are not inexpensive.


I just assumed he has chosen not to have them ? Hmm not a bad idea ? Wouldn’t even know how to bring it up politely as brand new to parish


Yeah, start a gofundme page:

“St. X Parish rose vestment fund.”

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