Blue as a Liturgical Color?


Blue is not a universal liturgical colour for the Roman Rite, but there are exceptions, and is used by indult. It is used in some Latin American territories, and in the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, all for Marian feasts. And even then, it’s an option; it’s not prescribed. Generally, outside of that, it is illicit.

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And those are light blue only, almost a sky blue

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Well… I would have to assume that Black vestments/dalmatics are really the last ones the parish/priest/deacon buys or are given since very few wear black. Far less wear black than wear rose.

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On the First Sunday of Advent this year, I attended a FSSP mass.

During the sermon, the priest mentioned the color purple and why it’s used. He also mentioned that there was a misguided push by some people inside the Catholic Church to change Advent to Blue back in the 1980s or 1990s.

Their reasoning was that Lent is about penance and that Advent is different. But then Father went to explain that Advent is about penance, but it’s a different kind of penance. A penance of preparation, a penance of love, service, etc.

So lucky, they did not change the color to blue, which would have theologically been bad because it would have implied that Advent isn’t penatental in nature.

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I always liked the black vestments. One of the two Preist, back when I was incarcerated, whom did the Mass wore black vestment on the appropriate holy day. First time I ever saw that and never seen it outside of there. I thought it looked neat though.

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Yeah, I love the black vestments too.

I’ve only been to one Ordinary Form Mass where they were used on All Souls’ Day. I’ve never been to funeral with the black vestments, nor another parish where they wore them on All Souls’ Day (other than a Latin Mass)

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I know of parishes that have different chasubles for Advent and Lent. They are all purple/violet but the trim of the Advent chasuble is more “festive” and colorful than that of the Lenten chasuble. I think blue tends to be a popular trim color for Advent.

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I don’t know if I should laugh or cry that you think your tactics will show anyone the beauty of Traditionalist spirituality and thought. Of course either way it’ll have no effect on you. You’ll just get kicked off, decry this forum as a rat’s nest for Modernism, while making it ever harder for Traditionalists to spread anything on this forum. Great work.



Yeah, that’s kind of a mistake too. A parish should not purposely try to make their Advent vestments more festive than their Lenten ones.

The FSSP priest even spoke about how the altar linens were changed and how he wears a different Alb during Advent. Father said, lace is not permitted during Advent because lace is celebratory. Not just the lace in the Alb, but also on the altar linens.

He said we put the lace away until after vespers on Dec 24th.

He said it’s like getting ready to have important guests at your home for Christmas. You start taking out all your good stuff to get it cleaned. And you might send your good table linens out the cleaners, etc. When the linens return from the cleaners, you don’t put then out until just before the guests of honor arrive (so they are pristine for the guest). Well, he said liturgical practices are the same for Advent. We spend all advent getting ready for Christ to arrive.

I hope this makes sense because I can’t explain it anywhere as beautiful as he did. The symbolism was subtle but awesome & beautiful.

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First of all, this is an Apologetics forum. We have people coming though here throughout the year who are either fresh converts, people who have been cradle Catholics who are only now taking their Faith seriously, and those who are not Catholic who want the real scoop on it. What kind of Apologetics forum would this be if they can’t ask those questions?

Admittedly, this forum used to be a lot better than it was. There used to be an actual Ask an Apologist subforum staffed by people who really knew their stuff, coupled with priests and other long-time posters who too knew their stuff. Nothing will change if people just let the forum slip away.

If I understand your opinion on Eastern Catholics correctly, then I figured I would have to be specific. I’m sure you’d agree when I say that Catholic and “Catholic” are two different things.

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I’m not sure about most posters. I saw plenty of responses that told the guy that everything was not well with his soul and that he is endanger of (I like how one user worded it) “ending up in a place [he] may not believe exists”. I agree about having a qualifier attached. The old forum used to mark users who were priests and the like. I’m not sure this new set up supports such functionality. Maybe if they made a title?

This is because this forum has had more than a fair share of people whose only interest in discussing Traditional teaching is by shouting that the Mass people here attend (and is perhaps the only one available) is heretical, and all of them are Modernists and heretics. And we all know what happens to heretics! One guy once came on here decrying the SSPX as Modernist (he was SSPV if I remember correctly). These people did not come here to discuss, only to accuse. We get them at least once a month, maybe more like once every two weeks. This makes people very wary and un-interested since the understanding these people espouse seems to only spur them to harass their fellow Catholics. Whatever points they have, legitimate or otherwise, are poorly made.

I’ve yet to see one person who calls Vatican II a heretical and corrupt council on this forum try to share some of the “good” things, like sharing their joy at a Rorate Mass, or how their soul stirred with sorrow over their sins during Tenebrae at an ICKSP parish.

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I’m afraid I missed the part in those posts that declared Vatican II to be a false council and that the OF is garbage. And none of those users were banned because of such accusations.

I’m talking about the people who, as I mentioned, did little to talk about Traditionalism other than how what everyone else was doing here was heretical, and then subsequently got banned for it.

What, like Fish Eaters? Groups like Juventutum? Don’t both the FSSP and ICKSP have some sort of lay association involved with them? Journals/blogs like New Liturgical Movement?

Well we did have a list of banned books at one point. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would be my guess too. I will have to visit an older parish to see if they have the black vestments/dalmatics and what they look like and ask if they are still in use today.



Yup, it was on all souls day. I remember that now. The actual Mass may not have fallen on the holy day because we could only celebrate Mass on Sunday. The chapel, which by the way was built and funded by the local Catholic diocese back in the 50s or 60s I think, had all kind of church services on different days. Jewish, different Christian denominations, Muslim and one I rather not mentioned.


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