Blue Collar VS White Collar


I have not been Catholic long. And I want to know…Is there something wrong with a Catholic being Blue Collar? It seems like most of the fellow Catholics that I am around preper white college jobs and look down on being white coller. I like working with my hands( carpenter or mechanic type things) more then working in some office but so many Catholics look down on my like I am stupid. Is it just the ones that I am around?


I have never experienced that, maybe it’s the area you live in


I know plenty of both types. I don’t think there’s any sort of opinion one way or another. Both career paths are respectable and can provide for a family.:slight_smile:


**No there is nothing wrong with a Catholic being blue collar!!! Hmmm, wasn’t Jesus a carpenter?:wink:

People who look down on others for any reason have problems that have nothing to do with their religion.

As Catholics we are called to do God’s will. Each of us must figure out what that is. For you it may be working with your hands. For another it may be working with computers. Another may be called to some sort of service. Etc etc etc.

After all, all of those white collar workers needed someone to build their nice office buildings:p


Jesus’ own earthly father was likely a “blue collar worker” i.e. he was a carpenter and worked with his hands. There’s nothing wrong or shameful with working with the talents God has given you,whatever they are.

There will always be a need for people to repair cars,build our houses and to work our fields and farms.I’m grateful for people who can do the things I can’t!


Just the ones you’re around. As mentioned, Jesus and his earthly father were carpenters. Heck, my dad and all of his brothers are blue collar and they’re from a solidly Catholic family. Unfortunately snobs are everywhere. If you went to a different church, you’d find them there, too.


My dad was “white collar”, my hubby is “blue collar” -it really makes no difference in the Catholic faith. There are tons of blue collar Catholics. Maybe the church you attend is in a more affluent area, which would tend to be more populated with “white collar” folk.


Yes, I think that it must be the ones that you hang around. I haven’t encountered what you’re talking about in my area.


My husband has actually had the opposite reaction (mostly from my family). My family was/is the blue collar type and looks down their noses at managment. Well, my husband quickly went to management and wearing suits (aka: white collar). He was given a lot of trouble for this by my brothers. Once, my DH visited one of my brothers after work and his daughter immediately began to laugh at my DH, pointing at his suit and saying, “LOOK! He’s wearing a suit!!!” as if a suit was a bad thing :shrug:

The funny thing is, my DH grew up on a farm and grew up on hard manual labor. My bro will probably never be able to fathom how hard a worker my DH is and would have never been able to cut it on a farm! My DH just applies the work ethic he learned on the family farm to the business he has started.

We are all given talents to be used in our vocations as husbands, wives, single, or religious. Thank God for what we can do, and what we have. Don’t let others detract you from what God has graced you with. Always be sure your work is done for the Glory of God and never mind those who have trouble seeing God’s beauty in all work.


Any sort of discrimination is not a matter of faith… it’s totally against what our faith teaches.

For the layman, your vocation (job) is NOT your faith. Work hard with the talents you’ve been given and God will notice.

Some of the most wonderful, active, faithful parishioners at my church are “blue collar”… painters, landscapers, carpenters, mechanics… That’s good holy work!

If you experience this sort of discrimination, I’m very sorry. Please don’t confuse it as a teaching of the faith by any means. That sort of behavior is not holy.


You should not experince any sort of prejudice between blue and white and pink and gray collars, being Catholic. I’m sorry you’re feeling that. Perhaps you should look at another parish, if possible.

I will say that historically, Catholics came to this country and had to work their way up from almost no collar. Public schools at the time(19th century) gave immigrants grief and had a Protestant perspective. That was part of the reason Catholic schools were established in the US. To have a child graduate eighth grade was a distinction in an immigrant family! That child stood a chance at a better job, perhaps foreman or a secretarial position. In turn, the children of those children actually went to high school, be it “prepatory” or commercial. This meant a chance at night school college or even daytime college, and/ or a better job at a big company. And so on.

These days, I find a lot of entrepeneurs and eaglepeneurs in Catholic parishes, people who do whatever they do not because they want to wear a white collar and work for a big company, but because they want to own their own business and do what they do best, for what they feel a passion. A lot of these small businesses are very blue collar- and those blue collar people are making a lot more doing the grunt work than the white collar people who pay them.


I have a white collar career. But I think it was a mistake. I should have been a plumber. Seriously. I think I’d enjoy my work more if I saw real substantive results at the end of each day.

If you find your work rewarding, then ignore what anybody else says about it. They are probably just miserable in their cubicle every day like I am and trying to make themselves feel better!


My father is a professor in chemistry. While growing up, I watched him struggle just to hold a hammer to a nail. haha. He taught me though, to respect the skill of any “handy” person.

Where I live, and I suspect it is like this in many areas of North America, skilled labour is extremely valued. We are in dire need of tradespeople in all sectors of the economy and it is a shame not more people are coming through the schooling stream that pumps out this kind of skill. Hopefully that will change because they money is actually pretty good in many areas of “blue collar” work.

As an aside, a few years ago I worked in a specific area of the Federal Government where it was mostly women. We were called the “pink collar ghetto”.



i just wanted to reiterate what has been said here already. personal opinion has nothing to do with faith. my community is white-collar, blue-collar and farmers. all types of people are needed to make the world go round. and there’s always somebody in every crowd that is going to try to make somebody else feel inferior. it’s very sad indeed. we need to pray for them.


Lol. There are no job requirements for Catholics. Just don’t do anything immoral like work for Planned Parenthood.

Me, I’m both. I’m a grantwriter during the day and at night and on the weekends I’m a mover. I like living in both worlds. :thumbsup:


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