Blue State Blues: Smug Peter Strzok Undermined the FBI | Breitbart


Strzok acts like a big jerk.

He definitely does not set a good example of someone we want at the FBI.


Let them clean out the entire upper echelon of the FBI “leadership”.


I wonder if the Breitbart writer is a dentist who apparently can read body language so well.
Commentaries on imaginings about body language rather than content show the emptiness of the hearings. Republicans made fools of themselves.



I have no idea what the Bill Kristol thing is.
It makes no sense.

The hearing was not a fiasco. Strzok looked like a fool and is a fool and his texts definitely proved bias.

Slate magazine is desperately trying to paint the hearing to downplay how bad Strzok’s texts make him look.


The republicans probably thought they could use Strzok as a punching bag. However, Strzok represented himself well, and the GOP looked like complete fools.


So, you see him more as a future Republican nominee for President then.


I missed that tweet.

The Dentist must by the one in 5 that doesn’t recommend Trident.


It’s an article about his facial expressions?


Apparently so.


It is hilarious.


I think Chris Cuomo’s take on it was perfect…

The “I can read body language” was funny, but how many times have we heard THIS on CAF:

Paul Gosar (R-AZ) - “We are not a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic.”

Chris Cuomo - "A Constitutional Republic is a form of democracy."

Trump Supporter - “CNN Is fake news.”


I think there is a problem we have to face as a society regarding Leftism and the Deep State.






Rosenstein, however, made the point very clear: the indictment included no allegation that the hacking altered any votes of affected the election result.

“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime,” Rosenstein said Friday. “There is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result. The special counsel investigation is ongoing and there will be no comments on a special counsel at this time.”


Rosenstein might be seeing the Mueller well about to run dry and is pretending to be “even handed” about it all.


Rosenstein said the same thing when reporting the indictments of the troll-farmers.


The take-down and destruction of America is a coordinated effort by the Muslim Brotherhood, career politicians, intelligence heads…with a Marxist ideology.

Within the last 10 hours, we are now learning who disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok actually is and his connection to FBI Communist John Brennan and Obama’s Iranian “pay-off.”

“Strzok was the main operative in “Operation Crossfire Hurricane,” a Deep State plot to run legal attacks on President Trump’s team.”

“Now we know that Strzok was really a CIA agent. He only held a ceremonial title in the Bureau, but was really operating under the leadership of the CIA, including Obama’s vindictive CIA director John Brennan.”

intellihub reports: “A sheep-dipped Peter Strzok has been covertly operating as the Section Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Counterespionage Group during his secret 24 year tenure with the agency while masquerading as Deputy Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counterintelligence Division where he was in charge of investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server along with the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections.

But that’s not all…

Strzok grew-up in Iran and Saudi Arabia and was present in Iran during the 1979 Iranian Revolution. His father Strzok Sr. was supportive of the radical Muslim over-throw of Iran.

Well of course, Obama could swing a deal with Iran and send tons of cash aboard three cargo jets to Iran and get away with it while probably getting a kick-back (referral fee?). Both Strzok and Brennan approved…

The scam also involves alleged European Union heads of state, according to an Iranian official threatening to reveal all…but in the meanwhile, the guilty on both sides of the political aisle are going after Trump and his meeting with Putin. It’s their desperate attempt to keep Trump “at-bay” and divert attention away from Strzok.

It’s time for Trump’s DoJ to take a hard look at all financial records of Obama, Hillary, Brennan and Strzok.



This is very frightening news.

How could this happen?

Now we know why he has such a smug look in his face I guess. Someone is looking out for him.

My first impression was that he simply looks evil. I saw a short video clip of him
giving this smirky look after answering a question. It actually gave me chills. I wish I could find it and post it.

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