"Blue Valentine" pro-life flick

There is nudity within the context of the story, but this anti-divorce, anti-abortion flick deserves serious consideration as a stealth pro-life, pro-family film. The realism is superlative.

I really want to see that movie. It never came to the theaters in my town. I’m waiting to see if it comes to instant play on netflix.

It seems like an interesting film…but I understand it almost received an NC-17 rating…I wonder if it’s been reviewed by the USCCB?

It is a superb film. It does have a pro-life message, even though I’m not sure if that was the intention of the filmmaker. I don’t know if I would call it a pro-life film. I would actually call it an “anti-rush into a marriage without knowing the person well” film. I agree with that message. One shouldn’t rush into a marriage to someone one doesn’t know well, unless there are exteniuating circumstances. Though the film does have three very graphic sex scenes which would turn some people off. For those who are mature enough I would recommend the film, especially anyone thinking of getting married.

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