Boarding Schools In UK To Address Transgender Kids As 'Zie'

So glad I’m old and retired.

Poor kids. :frowning:

Praying for them.

Boarding schools produced the majority of the tory party you so admire

Staff have been told they need to learn a “new language” for a growing number of pupils who**** demand** not to be addressed as ‘he’ or ‘she’. (clip from the link posted by the OP)

I note the language “demand.” Do the students themselves demand this or is a Dr’s note required stating a student is struggling with transgender issues? Just a thinkin’ out loud.**

Wait, I thought transgenders wanted to be addressed as the gender they identify with. Pick a freaking pronoun for God’s sake.

Up Next: a politically correct, transgendered Shakespeare.

“Alas, poor Yorick, I knew zie well.”

“We few, we happy few, we band of whichever gender you identify with today.”

What rubbish. As British public schools are all completely private and independent fee paying establishments there is no over arching body to ‘order’ them to do anything.

The article is confusing. Are we talking about “addressing them as zie” (the words from the article), in which case we’re talking about using “zie” as a 2nd-person pronoun, which would make it a borrowing of the German “Sie,” or are we talking about referring to them as “zie,” which would make it an artificially manufactured 3rd-person pronoun?

Would any school actually promote crossdressing to kids?

That was what I was wondering. The new document is described as “guidance” to help teachers with a topic they may know little about. The news article in The Telegraph, on which the NDTV article was based, doesn’t use the word “ordered.”

The guidelines say that teachers should use the pronouns that a transgender child prefers. In most cases this will be “he” or “she.” However, in some cases the child may prefer “zie” since it is neither male nor female. The guidelines alert teachers to this possibility.

‘Comrade’ is gender neutral

Either “zir” or “zem” would be used here. Ze is used in the same places you would use he or she. zir or zem would be used in the same places as him or her.

I’m really shocked that it’s the religious folks who are insisting that biology matters, and that it’s more of the secularists who are on board with the idea, “the body doesn’t matter.” I’m shocked that atheists or secularists aren’t finding it ironic. No one knows anything, except to insist that we know so little or that we are the masters of our own reality. Whatever this phenomenon is, it isn’t Enlightenment.

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