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Do you think the claim is credible that Bob Dylan “sold his soul to the devil.” I am trying to figure out if I should be listening to his music or not and this has constantly come up. I know Bishop Barron loves him, but what are your thoughts on this claim about him?

Good grief, no. The man has made all kinds of Christian rock songs and other songs that were about fighting injustice.

He also has no known history of getting personally involved with any sort of pagan or satanic worship, unlike some musicians.

Besides, do you honestly think Bishop Barron would sit around listening to devil music?


Bishop Barron does enjoy him and describes what some of the song lyrics are about in a few of his youtubes.
We cannot sell something that does not belong to us. Our souls belong to God so we cannot sell them to the devil. I am pretty sure Bishop Barron , Fr Ripperger, Fulton Sheen and Fr John Hardon all speak of this on youtube.

here is what he said in the interview

His his song titled “Crossroads”, Bob Dylan tells the story of being at a crossroads with his soul. He falls to his knees, and pleads to “the lord” to help save his soul. From the lyrics, it would seem like he is referring to God. But the very last line says, “And I’m standing at the crossroads, believe I’m sinking down.” Most people believe that this “crossroads” Dylan is referring to is the same place that Robert Johnson once reportedly knelt down to offer his soul to the Devil in exchange for the success in his music career. Dylan had just as much success with his career, and continues to live as an icon in music history.

*During an interview, Bob Dylan makes reference to that very same bargain that he referenced in his song. He said, “It goes back to that destiny thing. I made a bargain with…it…a long time ago, and I’m holding up my end.” *

The interviewer seems a bit confused, and asked, “What was your bargain?”

“To get where I am now,” Dylan said.

*“Should I ask who you made the bargain with?” *

Dylan laughs, and stutters, “Ha, you know. With the- the- the y’know, with the Chief Commander.”

“On this Earth?”

“On this Earth, and in the world we can’t see.”’’

Please correct me, Catholics, if I am wrong, but I don’t think it is possible, in Catholic understanding, to sell your soul to anyone.

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Its impossible.

People who know anything about Bob Dylan know that he’s a teller of stories and folk tales and that he likes to mythologize and make stuff up to play with people’s heads.
Also that in private life he has practiced both evangelical Christianity and Orthodox Judaism.

Those who sit around pondering which rock stars “sold their souls to the devil” really need to get a hobby.


Sounds like something a blues man would sing. That doesn’t make it literally true.

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I played the staring role in Dr Faustus once. Can still remember the spells. HAven’t considered using them!

Bob Dylan… is awesome

It’s poetry. Full of metaphor and symbolism. Poets do that all the time. Dylan is a poet.

very talented artist with many inspiring songs, but if some songs are offensive,just dont listen to those ones… that goes for any musician i guess. To me they are not my spiritual father, i just enjoy their God-given talent.

Leaving the soulselling question aside, I really like two of his songs (“Tangled Up in Blue” and “Lay Lady Lay”) and don’t much care for his others.

A interesting interview here with Ed Bradley and Bob Dylan . Whilst one can not sell their soul, one can make allegiance with the evil one. It may be sweet for a little while but will come crashing down. I very rarely listen to his music so don’t follow along with many of his songs.

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