Bob Jones curriculum in private school?


Hi, everyone! I have a friend who is not a practicing anything right now with a DH who is also a non-practicing Christian (used to be Catholic). A coworker highly recommended a Baptist private school where they live for my friend’s 5yr old for Kindergarten next year. The school seems to be a high-quality, safe school, though my friend is concerned that her son will be allowed to believe whatever he wants, though still learning about religion via the Baptist church. She is wondering about it…

So my question is, have any of you heard anything about the Bob Jones curriculum for elementary school? Is there anything that is alarming that my friend should know? She has been given some links, but of course the links came from her Baptist friend.



Bob Jones University and the curriculum produced by the same, are EXTREMEMELY AND VENEMENTLY ANTI-catholic. For this reason, you will have a hard time finding a catholic home schooler and few, if any, catholic schools that will purchase ANY of their materials.


As a former home schooling parent - as our youngest is now 22 - seems to me that I remember a HUGE problem with their corriculum - especially in history around fourth or fifth grade.


The BJU curriculum is just about the most anti-Catholic I’ve ever seen. And Billy Graham, a one-time student for a short time, is not fond of the school, opting instead for Wheaton College. But then, BJU has a problem with people of different races getting married (wouldn’t allow interracial dating until around 2000), genders being alone or in a mixed group without chaperones, and even tells people where they can and cannot work.

Your friend can take a look at their web sites and ask questions. Just don’t expect any immediate answers.


From what I understand, Bob Jones math curriculum is good. The rest of it…I agree with everybody above: not a good idea. BJU is very very fundamentalist, to the max. Very anti-Catholic. Very anti-everybody who isn’t BJU, really…
I suppose the math was harder to tamper with? I don’t know. It’s the only part of their stuff that doesn’t sound totally off the wall…


The math may not be tampered, but who wants to give BJU more money?


True enough!!


Ok…I looked at their website (BJUs) and all I have to say is wow. Can you say strict??? The part that struck me the most was the part about working off campus and the fact that they don’t allow contemporary Christian music at all (i.e. Michael W. Smith, the WOW worship cds) and the fact that you basically cannot leave campus in your own car for anything other than going home.

Here’s what they say about dating and work. (taken directly from their site)
Dating and Mixed Groups**
We want students to have wholesome social opportunities in a setting that provides accountability for biblical requirements of purity. It is with this in mind that we chaperon campus activities where men and women students are present and require a chaperon when students date or interact in a mixed group off campus.

Students may work in town until 10:25 pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. Freshmen must have a prayer captain, assistant prayer captain, or upperclassman with them.

Sophomores and upperclassmen may work alone.

Freshmen and sophomores may not use their vehicles to go to and from work.

Students may not serve alcoholic beverages when waiting tables at restaurants.

Students may not do house-to-house sales anywhere in the Greenville area. Students offering services to the community must have a retail license or have clearance from the Dean of Students to do door-to-door solicitation for their services.

Students may not miss nightly prayer meetings on weekdays.

Also if you browse around on their site you can find lots and lots of anti-Catholic (as well anti-Jewish, anti-Methodist, and anti-Anything not fitting their definition of conservative) statements that are not really blatent but none the less,still there…
so based on my short review of their university site…I would NOT recommend using their cirriculum.


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