Bob Sungenis No Threat to Jimmy Akin


At Bob Sungenis’s web site he has posted a Q&A that stems from his earlier criticism of Jimmy Akin’s comments on the Douay-Rheims Bible. See question 29 at

A questioner tells Sungenis that “only the Douay translation was declared by a council (Trent) to be a bulwark against the Protestant heresies,” and then he lists other reasons he prefers the Douay-Rheims translation over modern translations.

Sungenis replies, “I prefer the DR over modern translations for the same reason.” But he doesn’t even seem to notice the gross error in the questioner’s comments.

The Rheims translation of the New Testament was completed in 1582. The Douay translation of the Old Testament was done in 1609-1610. But the Council of Trent ended in 1563–long before any part of the Douay-Rheims translation was produced!

How could the council fathers have “declared” the Douay-Rheims “to be a bulwark against the Protestant heresies”? That version of the Bible didn’t exist while the council sat and wouldn’t be complete for nearly half a century!


When Jimmy starts declaring the earth is flat (which is only slightly worse than geocentrism), then I might take Bob’s opinions over Jimmy. Until then, Jimmy is the more credible apologist at this point. :stuck_out_tongue: Though I still appreciate Bob’s Not By series of books. Good scholarship there.

I think Bob (and the questioner) meant the Latin Vulgate right? The D-R is an English translation based on the Vulgate, and that existed at the time of Trent. That was translated from the Greek/Hebrew by St. Jerome in the 4th century, right?

Phil P


Reading all these Q and A, looks like they are using the terms Vulgate and D-R sometimes interchangeably. Most people know the difference I assume, that the D-R is a English translation of the Latin Vulgate. And the D-R didn’t exist at the time of Trent.

I think Bob’s apologetics is generally good, except when he attacks other apologists, and writes on science. Nevertheless I’ll have to get Galileo Was Wrong eventually, as I collect young-earth books like In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation. :eek:

Phil P


Sungenis surely means the Vulgate. Because D-R is NEVER aproved by Trent. Any apologist with average mileage should know this.

And yes, Sungenis “Not By… Alone” books are good.

He’s a good apologist and debater. We should pray hard for him.

Oh, while I’m at it, throw in Gerry Matatics to. Brilliant debater.


And of course Phil would get on Sungenis. Because Phil is Old-Earther :stuck_out_tongue:


beng << Because D-R is NEVER aproved by Trent. >>

Not only was it not approved, it didn’t exist yet. :stuck_out_tongue: Which was Karl’s point. :o No big deal, they meant the Latin.

Phil P


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