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had a quick question I just wanted to make myself clear of. just returning to the church I am still a little hazy on some things. I had my first communion and am now in an RCIA program to become confirmed. My question was am I allowed to receive daily bread? I was under the impression after first communion you can receive it. I remember doing so when I was really young. Am i mistaken and should not receive it when I go to mass on Sunday until after I am confirmed or am I ok? sorry if this is a repost I couldnt find it on the forum.

God Bless!

As long as you have recieved your first Holy Communion you are free to continue recieveing as long as you are in the state of grace. If you have been away for a long while, you may wish to make an appointment to make a general confession prior to recieving the Eucharist. Welcome Back!

After your Confession, as part of your returning, your pastor should let you know that you can return to receiving Holy Communion when you attend Mass.

Yes, you may receive Holy Communion every day if you wish, as long as you are in a state of grace. If you find yourself in a state of serious sin, go to confession, and you can again receive. (In fact, it’s a good idea to go to confession regularly, whether or not you have sinned mortally - every month is a good start.)

Since most of the people in RCIA have not yet been received into the Church, they may not receive Holy Communion yet. Don’t be confused by what may be said in class that applies to them in this regard. You are a Catholic preparing for Confirmation. They are not Catholic yet. You may receive; they may not.

God bless you as you come ever closer to Him.


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