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I was in my Anatomy & Physiology II class today and we watched a video of the anatomy of the male/female reproductive system. The video consisted of real dead bodies being cut into and basically IMO it was somewhat demoralizing. The whole audience were even future body donors. It was very graphic and I’m unsure what they do with the bodies afterwards… I would hope they get buried. Is it okay to donate your body after death to science? My girlfriend even said she wanted to do this and I am just so IFFY about it…I would never donate by body for science. What are your opinions? Is it good to donate your body for a greater cause such as scientific research to help better understand the temple God has given us or is it wrong to do such a thing?

Here’s is a post that should answer your question:

As for me personally, I wouldn’t do it. That is just my opinion though.

It is okay to donate one’s body to science, but you must make sure they will dispose of it properly afterwards.

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I think it is a charitable act to donate body parts and I am not aware of the Church being against it.Depending on what’s left of the body i suppose it would be buried in the fashion of a normal buriel or if much is taken it may be wise to have it cremated.The Church is okay with prolonging life with transplants the same as it is with curing illness with medicine.

You don’t have to worry about being put on permanent display or some other indignity. Donor cadavers are treated with respect and handled by professionals. You enter into a written agreement with the organization (for example a medical school) that specifies the body will be returned to the family for burial or cremation. This may mean a closed casket funeral. People who are organ donors via choosing the option when receiving a drivers license are essentially entering an agreement under state law that says what will happen to the body within so many hours of death and when it will be returned to the next of kin.

It may be gruesome to watch, but medicine would be a lot worse were it not for the generosity of those who have gone before us. Maybe we owe a similar service to the next generation. At the very least, donate your organs. Some blind little kid would love to be able to see through your corneas you will no longer be using. :wink:

Check this out:

I must say I’d have to agree with Saburo. Although Whole Body Donation can be a sensitive subject, it truly is a gift to future generations :slight_smile: Science Care ( is a wonderful program for anyone seeking to donate their bodies to further medical research and training. I am a representative of the organization and I cannot tell you enough what a generous gift it is to donate your body to science. Science Care is a nationwide program and covers all costs associated with the donation, which alleviates family’s from being burdened by fees at the time of their loved ones passing. If you are interested in learning more about body donation and Catholicism, as well as what other religions have to say. I’d encourage you to read the following

My MiL (non-Catholic) willed her body to a medical school when she died last year. As I have been told, the procedure is that when the medical school is done with it, what remains will be cremated and the ashes returned to the family for disposal. In the case of my MiL, my BiL is in the area. He will get the ashes, and his father’s grave will be opened and the container interred with his body.

I dont agree with it, I have it so that I am not an organ donor. If I die everything is to be remained,as is, even the blood.

You have it so that your body will not be embalmed? During the embalming process the blood is drained, and possibly (someone check me on this) some of the internal organs are removed.

OK. Why? It is not as if you will be using them once you are dead…:shrug:

And you are not being embalmed when you die - you are being buried very quickly then?

The Church does NOT discourage body donations, just as they do not discourage organ donations.

If nobody donated their body to science, how would doctors learn? Just as, if nobody donated organs, many people would die, so would many people die if doctors did not ave human bodies to learn from.

Once I am dead, I would MUCH rather have my body be used for something that will help mankind, than to just let it decay into useless dust. Ideally, I’d love to have someone take any organs that others can use, use the rest to teach future doctors, and bury what remains under a rose bed, so the decay is utilized by living things.

That would be far preferable to being placed in a box, lowered into a grave and to serve no useful purpose at all.

During routine embalming, no organs are removed. But, morticians often puncture the stomach, intestines, lungs, heart, etc., so that embalming fluid can get inside and prevent the formation of gasses, stop decay, etc. This leads to a total and complete inability for the human body to ever serve any useful purpose again. I assisted at a mortuary as a teen, ad assisted with a number of embalmings.

My father has agreed to donate his body to a medical school upon his death. He has had several joint replacements over the years, and part of what the medical school wants to study upon his death is how long term joint replacement affects the body. His surgeon has discussed this at length with my father. He signed all the papers several years ago, and basically once the medical school is done learning from the body, they will cremate the body and return it to me, and then I will have it buried.

I think it is great! Others will be learning, and my father will still be teaching even after he is dead.

I know, but it just seems really weird to me and idk I just don’t like it haha
And to answer the latter I plan on being buried quickly lol my first plan was to be dressed as superman and thrown out an airplane but I couldn’t find a pilot to agree with that :frowning:

Thanks for filling in my ignorance.


exactly the same as me - my mum felt a bit odd when the forms started arriving and the thought that there wouldn’t be a physical body at his immediate memorial. My dad’s a humanist but I might send him a link to show the Catholic response is positive.

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You are entitled to have your own beliefs but must be prepared to stand by them under all circumstances. I hope when you need a major operation you will be consistent and refuse to use the services of surgeons who learnt by dissecting the bodies of those who were public spirited enough to donate their bodies to a medical school.

In the UK I found it is a long bureaucratic process to donate my body. The Human Tissue Authority rigidly controls every aspect of it. Unfortunately the medical school sometimes does not have sufficient funds to pay for the transfer and subsequent care of the body. Having had my life saved by open heart surgery I wanted to donate my body to the training of cardiac surgeons. Bureaucrats do not allow this.

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