"Body is too similar to what you recently posted" error

I’ve seen a couple of weird errors here recently. In one of them, I post a reply in a thread, and it takes the site a little while to respond to the post.

When the site does respond, two things happen:

  • my reply shows up in the thread
  • the error message “Body is too similar to what you recently posted” shows up, and the text of my post shows up in an editor window, as if I had attempted to re-post my reply

My reaction to the error is simply to cancel the duplicate, spurious “attempt” at posting.

Anyone else seen this error or sequence of events?

Yes, I’ve encountered it when trying to post a Hail Mary prayer , one after the other though in different threads/prayer intentions threads. I either just add an emoji or change the spacing of what I wrote and the post then goes through fine.

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Yes, it happens from time to time when the site is having a glitch. Your reaction is the correct one.


Many of these error messages are so annoying.

The one I really dislike is “the body is not clear”. And it won’t let the post go through.

That just means you didn’t type enough words in the post.
I think they are anti-spam or anti-vandalism built-in features.

But sometimes I only want to say 1-2 words so it is

The minimum post length is 10 characters, IIRC.


It does not make it less annoying.

Why? :wink:

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Because sometimes I want to make my point in less than 10 characters.

I apologize, but I am having one of those days where I am easily perturbed.

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I use < nbsp > as per @CRV, but all jammed together at the right of the last word, with no spaces, including none between the last word and the additional characters. If less than 4 letters, jam another set of the above characters right after the first set, altogether with no spaces. Can’t promise it will solve the problem for you, but it has solved it for me. :innocent:

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Thanks for the advice. Sometimes I will use the < >
with xxx’s in the middle when I play the word game, but
even that takes time. I subscribe to many threads and
have many e-mails to read through as well, plus I usually have to take the time to go back and correct any errors I made typing. I think a break from CAF for
Lent cannot come soon enough. It is aggravating that I spend so much time here, so I am.angry at myself.
There are so many more productive things I could be
doing. Then when I get these messages, more time
is wasted.

Umm… take a look at my post again. Less than 10 characters, no?

Hit “reply” to it, and quote it, and see what you can do in “less than 10 characters”. :wink:

I got the same message. Was something supposed to
have changed?

@Minks and I have provided suggestions to sidestep the “10 character” limit. (Hint: it’s not a “10-visible-character limit”.) And, it’s not difficult to do. Think of it as a suggestion to avoid posts that simply say “Woo!”, and to promote real commentary.

As I said in an earlier post, it takes timr to sidestep
the 10 character limit - you might as well take the time
to fill up your post with 10 caracters.

Well then, there’s your answer. :wink:

It is not an answer, but a choice how important it is to

I just got this error when posting in the prayer forum. Obviously you might well want to post the same prayer more than once. But one thing I can say is that if you are using two different prayers and you post them in a different order, it seems to allow that.



In the prayer forum, try a brief ejaculation or a few words of introduction to the prayer, such as the following:

On iPhone: find your previous post that you’re wanting to duplicate. Click on the curved arrow to the lower right, below your old post. In the typing box, click on the bubble on the top left, inside the typing box. Your old post will appear. Erase everything that appears before the actual words of your prayer.

  1. Insert words that did not appear in your previous post, before your prayer that is still showing inside the typing box, such as:
    —“O Lord, hear our prayer:”
    —“Mother Mary, conceived without sin, please intercede for us.”
    —“For the intentions of Jack, whose mother is in intensive care.”

  2. Then, go to the very end and erase what appears in brackets after your prayer. Then, submit for posting.

Confession: I’m not at all computer/phone savvy, and that bubble and posting a link is all I’ve learned to do, except for what I’ve told you. If anyone knows an easier way, please post instructions! :innocent:

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