Body pictures relating to scripture


Is it against Catholicism to post sexually suggestive pictures for others to see, if you are not engaging in sexual acts? I’m a woman in my twenties and have been wondering this. For example, I posted a picture of me in my bathing suit.



I guess it depends…if you are just on a beach with family or friends in a modest swimsuit for a vacation picture, probably not a big deal.

And I think there is a difference between a picture that shows a physically attractive woman and one that is sexually suggestive.

Modest swimsuit, smiling with family and friends would probably be ok.

Skimpy bikini, coquettishly blowing kisses and winking would probably put it in the suggestive category.


Were you sexually suggestive in your swimming costume?


If just wearing your bathing suit is sexually suggestive, then you need a new suit! However, if you are posing inappropriately, then it is both immodest and unwise to post photos like that online.


Yyyyyep. Because you can assume that it will end up in places you don’t want it to be.


YES it is against Church teaching.


Body pictures could be okay, but sexually suggestive postures or movements would be quite inappropriate. Think of sex as something especially for you and your spouse (or future spouse). Why involve other people?


Thank you for your responses, God bless all of you.


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