Body & Soul after death


The way I understand it, after death the body is burried here on earth and the sole rises (hopefully) to heaven with God & Jesus. Upon the return of Christ to earth, you flesh and bones will rise from the ground and rejoin with the their souls in heaven.
My question: If our souls are already in heaven, why do we care if our flesh and bones joins us at a later date?


That is something to ponder about.Now you created a question for me too.
I do not have an answer.What would we need the body for?:confused:


Jesus has promised a life that will continue for eternity that is like our earthly life but better. Persons whose bodies have been destroyed, like in fires, will have them restored. Anyone who has a sickly body here on earth…will have have their body but it will be healthy.

We don’t know exactly…that is our surprise, our gift. We are human beings, it would be fitting that we be in an environment suited to the nature for which we were created. I’m sure it is going to be wonderful…beyond what we can even imagine…for He is God.

God bless you.


A human is both soul and body; your body is just as much you as your soul is. This section of the Catechism should give you more information.


I realize it is a hard to answer when you actually stop to think about it. So, we’re dead… our body is in the ground. Our soul is up with God and Jesus and everyone else in heaven. If your already up there, having a great time, floating around with the other souls… why would we even want our body back. Our soul would seem to be much funner than using our physical body… wouldn’t it? Or am I thinking of our soul to be too much like a ghostly figure that can float and fly around like Casper did?


My dear friend

We are body and soul. That is who we are. Death means the soul leaves the body. In the ressurection God restores the just to how their meant to be. We would be pervfectly happy being just a soul, but much happier with our yothful glorified body in heaven.

Hope this helps.

He is risen. May we all rise with Him.:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Hi Adam. It’s an interesting question, for sure.

My humble opinion is that it matters… because first, God created our bodies as well as our souls. Our bodies are a gift.

Our Lord Jesus, Himself… rose from the dead in His Glorified Body. As we follow the Master, in all things… we too, will hopefully rise from the dead and be united with our glorified bodies. In addition, Our Blessed Mother was also “Assumed, body AND soul” into Heaven.

It’s pretty awesome to try to imagine what we will be able to do with our glorified bodies! :thumbsup: From Sacred Scripture… we know a few of the things that Our Lord did… such as going through doors that were locked, when He appeared to His Apostles after the Resurrection. And His Ascension into Heaven.

Wow! Maybe we will be able to FLY with our glorified bodies! Wouldn’t that be amazing!

God bless and thanks for a wonderful topic.


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