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Does anyone else find this horrifying?

I have nothing against studying anatomy or showing the beauty of the human body, but to put cadavers into sexual positions goes above and beyond.

I join you in your feelings about this. There is a show that is in a number of U.S. locations, Bodies, The Exhibition. How anyone can go to such a show is beyond me, but this horror seems to be popular. I suppose taking it into sex was the next step.

There is no way any such thing will see a cent I earned.


I wonder if those people who donated their bodies to the program knew they would end up in a sexual position…

“It’s not my intention to show certain sexual poses. My goal is really to show the anatomy and the function,”


The mere thought of seeing cadavers in sexual positions is revolting.
If anyone needs to learn the anatomy and function of sexual intercourse they should just open an anatomy book.
What are these people thinking?

How is it any different than touring the ruins of Pompeii?

:eek: This is why I want to be cremated…


One was a violent volcanic eruption that killed people while they were going about their daily life
The other is a delibrate manipulation of cadavers into sexual postions.


Yes, those are true. What I was getting at was what you see on display. The objection seems to be over two aspects of it:

  1. The dead used as an exhibit
  2. Bodies in sexual positions

Both are on display in Pompeii. Since I’ve never heard anyone object to Pompeii. I’m wondering why this would be viewed through a different lens.

I was unaware of this… can you provide a source for your statement that some of the ash figures (not bodies since the bodies have long ago burned/rotted away) are in sexual positions? My understanding is that the people in Pompeii knew full and well they were about to die and those that didn’t flee to safety hid within their homes. The concept of people having sex whilst suffocating in ash and roasting in heat seems ludicrous.

There is absolutely no horror to it; I went to that show a couple of years ago. It is very educational and I found it even more interesting as I am in the medical field. It is an excellent learning experience about the human body.

I don’t agree with the sex exhibit, either.

nothing is sacred anymore! utterly revolting, selfish and sick.

“It’s not my intention to show certain sexual poses. My goal is really to show the anatomy and the function,”

what a hypocrite. will this benefit humanity or teach us something new about “the function”? NO!

will this shock people and make these jerks money? YES!

i wonder if they would want their parents, siblings or children ever used in this manner.

forgive me, but i am way cranky today. it’s been a super rough week.

This is gross beyond words.

I had a bad feeling this already gawd-awful thing was going to devolve into something even more disgusting. Can’t come as a surprise, since not a few of the bodies were obtained from Chinese prisons and have shown signs of malnutrition and fatal gunshot wounds.


I don’t see what is “gawd-awful” about the original show (though we all agree this sex show is tasteless). <-- A French judge had the exhibit shut down when it came to light that some of the corpses were of political prisoners.

It’s gawd awful since the very nature of the exhibit shows a lack of respect for the deceased.

How do you figure? It’s no more a disrespect than using a cadaver for dissection. At these shows, you do know that they just don’t stick these bodies in a glass case and thats it, right? They have a ton of medical facts on plagues on these glass cases. Also shows a lot of great pathology.

Several Bishops have spoken out against such exhibits:
See here, and here and here.

Also see this thread:

Sorry, but I have to diagree with the Bishops (with the exception of using Chinese prisoners). They give no reason for their disagreement other than it “violates human decency,” with no supporting evidence.

I quote from Gerard Nadal in the above referenced thread:

[quote=Gerard Nadal] Re: Body Worlds
I hate to be the party pooper on this thread, but I’m a biologist and I have lots of moral and ethical problems with this exhibit. First, there is significant concern that many of these bodies originated in China, which casts a pall over the claims of voluntary donation. The human rights abuses in China with their political prisoners: the executions and slave labor are staggering.

Second. As was mentioned above, yes, some saints are displayed in glass sarcophagi for purposes of prayerful intercession and veneration, which is different from the PT Barnum nature of the Bodies Exhibit.

Third. Those who donate their bodies to medical schools for educational purposes actually have them used to great end. They are also treated with great respect. Medical students that would commit desecratory acts are severely sanctioned. There is little probative value in these exhibits. Powerful computer programs now exist that can demonstrate all that this exhibit shows. Even if the consent of each subject were legitimate, the exhibit, outside of a graduate school-level environment does not rise to the level of benefit to humanity to warrant such treatment of the human body in death.

Fourth. Given all of the above, I am most concerned about the commodification of the human body before birth, during adult life, and after death. Exhibits such as this dull our sensibilities in this regard. While fascinating to behold, it comes at a price.

  1. Freak show. Demeans all involved.
  2. Scandal = money. The coarser our culture becomes, the more outrageous shows have to be to generate scandal.
  3. Breeds disrespect for human life generally. We are not not objects and the vessels that housed our souls should not be used like playthings.
  4. The sex angle. What a cheap and dirty shot. Very cynical.

I agree with you 100%. The whole thing is disgusting. These people are not being displayed for science as medical students use cadavers in school to learn. Rather it is a carnival freak show. I live in Cincinnati and the “exhibit” came here and even the promotions were offensive to the respect due to a person’s body. I fyou research the origins of this and similar shows you will find questionable and downright dishonest means of obtaining these people’s bodies for display and profit. This goes without discussing the display of human fetuses in the exhibit. The Archbishop here stated that no Catholic schools would take field trips to this show and I was very glad that I would not have to worry about my children being offered a trip there by the school.
I was also relieved that with all the frothing at the mouth by the media over the show thta our Archbishop had the courage to stand up and say something. There is a reason why we call them Shepherds.

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