Boehner calls Cruz 'Lucifer in the flesh'


Well, the GOP seems intent on self-destructing - Trump or “Lucifer in the Flesh” being their leading Presidential candidates!


Well, putting Cruz in charge of the government would be like making atheist Richard Dawkins the next Pope. Cruz thinks a government shutdown is better than a government in operation, and Dawkins wants to dismantle the Catholic Church.


Oh please, stop. Republicans complain almost ceaselessly that their elected officials have let them down by caving to the Democrats. Cruz stood his ground, the only one who would do so, and he is attacked by the same people who bash the Republicans for not stopping the Democrats. Of all the 17 GOP candidates, Cruz is the one and only person who pushed back–he should be a hero.

I also take note that you said nothing about the Lucifer comments…


Ted Cruz reacts to John Boehner’s insults: “I don’t know the man”


Geez, John, tell us how you really feel.


Really, if he is gonna say it like that, let’s hear what the beef is all about!


Makes me like Cruz even more-Trump is Boehner’s buddy.
So who is the real outsider and who is the real establishment insider, again?


Its rather odd Cruz he said he didn’t know Boehner.

But a closer look at their history reveals the two weren’t always enemies. In fact, long before Boehner saw Cruz as Lucifer, the 2016 Republican presidential candidate was actually his lawyer.


Yes, this is such strong language and from Boehner - you have to wonder if it will backfire and actually create sympathy for Cruz. (kind of like the Heidi Cruz tweets did)

Indiana will be very interesting to see if Cruz pulls it out or not; I will be a little bit surprised if he does. The state has a lot of blue collar, industrial workers on hard times who are with Trump; also the Kasich supporters are torn between Cruz, Trump and not voting (since Kasich pulled out to help Cruz). They like Kasich still, not inclined to do the strategic thing. Governor Pence has not endorsed any candidate.

(I just saw that Trump doesn’t actually even need Indiana to have a good shot to reach 1237)


this gets more bizarre everyday!


Cruz does have a shady look about him! Kind of vulpine.


I think he looks kind of shady, too.




Right, because obviously Cruz just wanted to shut down the gov for the sake of shutting down the gov.


But seriously, I think Boehner’s comments just further the “Party of No” image. :blush:


I don’t like Cruz and even I think that is too strong.


Vulpine! :rotfl::rotfl: It has been awhile since I read that word anywhere.

But now that you mention it…



:thumbsup: Yes I thought that was the reason people initially were supporting Trump…he was an outsider, would go to Washington and shake things up,was politically incorrect didn’t care who liked him, ect…
Yes that is right about Cruz he is the only one who stood up to them and that’s why they hate him


Here’s something from BuzzFeed with different opinions about what the different GOP candidates look like. Someone thought that Cruz looks kind of like Grandpa Munster in which case we could say that he looks kind of chiropteran (ie. bat like).


Good analogy. :thumbsup:



BTW, do yourselves a favor.

Look at the stock market prices when the government shutdown in 2013, then look at the prices when the government reopened.

Knowing Cruz’s wife was at Goldman Sachs, and Eric Cantor got a multi-million dollar job with a stock investment firm, you’ll understand what the real reason for the government shutdown…


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