Boehner plans lawsuit against Obama over executive orders


I am completely for it also surritter. This has gone on long enough!
I kept hoping someone would do something to stop this madness!
I firmly believe Obama has abused the power of his office.
More than Clinton and more than Nixon.


Is this really something that should be taken up by the judicial branch? Doesn’t the legislative branch have means to deal with an imperial presidency?


Sorry but I cannot answer that. We definitely have an imperial presidency and an attorney general who seems to be guilty of the same thing.


The federal government is working how it is supposed to work. Obstructionism is what the Founding Fathers wanted. Congress is there to keep the president from being a monarch. If you actually read the Founding Fathers writings you would find that there were many that didn’t even want a president because they were afraid he would become a king. They wanted Congress to have all the power.


We certainly have had s president the last 6 years who has behaved like a king!

God bless our founding fathers!


I will be honest. I am getting quite tired of all of the executive orders. In my opinion, it just seems like a way to skirt the legislators that we have. I really don’t think it should be allowed for a president to make executive orders.


Executive orders have their place. And, unlike legislation, can be completely dismatled by the next President that comes along.


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