Boehner rules out impeachment: ‘Scam started by Democrats’

Talk of impeachment was cooked up by a White House desperate for something to rally Democrats ahead of November’s elections, House Speaker John A. Boehner said Tuesday, flatly ruling out any action on the controversial suggestion.

“We have no plans to impeach the president. We have no future plans,” Mr. Beohner said. “Listen, it’s all a scam started by Democrats at the White House.”

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I am suspecting as much.
Particularly when the only talk of impeachment came from reporters or the administration.

Sarah Palin was touting impeachment almost a month ago. That’s what got the ball rolling in Congress.

Yes. I heard Palin saying that before anybody else was saying anything. At the time Palin started touting impeachment, I was also reading that there was no buy-in for impeachment from the House leadership, so Boehner is being consistent on that point. But as far as I can tell, he’s not being entirely accurate about how this discussion first got rolling.

Even though Obama does not deserve to spend one more minute as President, unless the Republicans are willing to go on a relentless Truth offensive, they would be wasting their time. There is no high crime or misdemeanor that Obama could commit that could give GOP leaders the inner ammunition they lack — courage!
Obama is inviting impeachment only b/c he knows that Republican leaders are pusillanimous. :frowning:

Impeachment makes no sense unless you can be reasonably sure of a conviction. With the Senate under control of the Democrats, Obama could be a child rapist and they wouldn’t convict. Far better for the Republicans to keep their powder dry and wait to see if they can get enough votes after the midterm elections.

last time I checked, Sarah Palin wasn’t in Congress and wasn’t the leader of the Republican Party. :shrug:

I don’t think Boehner is being inaccurate. Sarah Palin is not currently in any political office, AFAIK. I mean, I myself have said to friends that the President has done things he could be impeached for. (I don’t think it should be tried, because it would never work, but that’s not to say it ought not to work.) Frankly, it would be shocking, given the things that have happened, if nobody thought about it. But my opinion (like Sarah Palin’s) does not mean that anyone in office has ever had any plans to try it. There are probably even people in Congress who wish it could be done, but similarly, that isn’t the same as even the smallest idea that it should be tried.

So anyone on the White House staff saying that there is some sort of plan has made it up himself.


In case you weren’t aware, a number of Tea Partiers are beholden to her and her SarahPac for their elections. After Sarah Palin’s call for impeachment, several congressmen joined her in sounding the drumbeat for impeachment, such as Iowa’s Steve King.

Palin’s announcement has indeed been a fundraising bonanza for the democrats, which Boehner obviously realizes.

One very good reason to quash the talk of impeachment has already been given above, the fact that the Senate’s convicting Obama of whatever the House would impeach him on is a near impossibility, making the entire process an exercise in futility.

There is another good reason not to impeach Obama, the fact that if the process did succeed, that would make Joe Biden the President of the United Stated :bigyikes:

i do know. But the Tea Party isn’t in control either.

Another thing to be thankful for!

Boehner blames the White House for starting the issue; I’m not saying that the White House hasn’t made big political hay out of the issue, but they didn’t start it.

And in you weren’t aware, Sarah Palin has been close to calling for an Independent Party, anyone who starts talking about an independent party is going to be more of a leader of the people rather than the party. Even your statement mentioned Tea Partiers.

And guess what? Sarah Palin speaks the truth.

The simple truth is a 3rd of the country believes Obama should be impeached. It could be more.

There may be a chance that Sarah Palin’s remarks gave the Administration and its party the idea of treating the non-existent threat of impeachment as bogeyman to bring out lethargic lefties to the polls and bring in money to rescue endangered Democratic Senators from the fate they so well deserve in the 2014 elections. During any previous generation, the actions taken by the current President would be considered a constitutional crisis and impeachment would almost certainly ensue. Not so today, While the threat to the Constitution has reached a state of crisis, it has lingered in a chronic state of illness for a long time, a victim of neglect on the part of a dumbed down population. The Republicans would be best served by ridiculing the notion of impeachment of this hopefully about to be lamest of Presidential ducks. We bear Obama and his party no malice but their ideology is a discredited utopian notion of the past. It never worked save for mischief.

I get several fundraising emails from Democrats every day claiming that Obama is about to be impeached and needs money for his defense fund. I interpret the situation as Obama trying to motivate his hard core supporters to donate.

CNN reports 35 pct.

Perhaps, but chances are if the media and White House hadn’t started talking about it, everyone would have ignored her. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that the discussion only stayed rolling because of the democrats looking to use it as a rallying point, which is fairly similar.

agreed. Except for her supporters, most people ignore her (Republicans and Democrats)

What exactly would they impeach him for? Impeachment requires allegations of high crimes and misdemeanors… I have yet to hear such an allegation.

It seems that only “high crime” here is holding office while not a Republican… i understand that the right believes this is an impeachable offense, but it’s not. You shouldn’t impeach just because the other side won. I really hope impeachment and/or the threat of impeachment don’t become the standard political movement for the right every time they lose a national election… but let’s take a quick glance into recent history… The last president impeached was also the last democrat to win the presidency, who they failed to convict.

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