Boehner Says Out Loud He Hopes Blacks and Latinos 'Won't Show Up' This Election


House Speaker John Boehner is the most prominent Republican to admit, out loud, that his party’s strategy for winning in November doesn’t suppose that the GOP can win over some black and Latino voters, but hoping they won’t vote at all.

Actually I couldn’t find one place in the article where they even show he actually said he hoped they wouldn’t vote.

Actually it he says “This election is about economics… These groups have been hit the hardest. They may not show up and vote for our candidate but I’d suggest to you they won’t show up and vote for the president either.

Which sounds more like he’s saying they don’t vote, not that he hopes they don’t vote.


Yep. The people who showed up for “hope and change” are less enthusiastic since the economy got worse. As Boehner points out, a lot of Obama’s most motivated base in 2008 have been hardest hit. There is nothing nefarious in Boehner’s statement.

More yellow journalism from a “reporter” who is I the tank for Obama.


Honestly, and if you read the comments it’s like half those people didn’t even take the time to read the article to see what he actually said.


Reading and reasoning are optional. :wink:


It’s easy to put a sinister spin on it. Perhaps it wasn’t wise for him to say anything at all but I have to agree that the thrust of the article wasn’t warranted.


I will admit the way he said it wasn't eloquent


It's easy to put a sinister spin on it. Perhaps it wasn't wise for him to say anything at all but I have to agree that the thrust of the article wasn't warranted.

Agreed.....Mr. Boehner was, I believe, giving his take on the situation. I see nothing in what he said that can be viewed as a desire for people to stay home. Whether his analysis comes to pass, only time will tell.



That seems to be a pretty regular phenomenon in online forums.

But someone at the Atlantic Wire needs to have their feet held to the fire over this particular headline. It is not only inaccurate, it is defamatory.


I don’t think what you highlighted means “they don’t vote,” but rather they won’t be willing to vote for Obama either because they are disappointed with him regarding the state of the economy.


So my question is why doesn’t the GOP try to win them over rather than hoping they won’t show up. I mean what has our president done that merits a second term? I don’t think boehner said anything wrong, but i’d rather see a party go after voters rather than hope some people don’t vote. Unfortunately that won’t ever happen in either party


That’s because, despite their denial, both parties play the numbers game and go after constituencies with whom they believe they have a better chance and build their coalition with those groups. The groups that they calculate are beyond reach, they basically forfeit. It’s the time-tested politics of division.


The headline doesn't match the quote in the article.

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