Bohemian Rhapsody


Who here is a fan of the band Queen? Are you planning on seeing the movie about Freddie Mercury and Queen or would it be a sin? I imagine the movie will be kind of gritty at times.


It wouldn’t be a sin. How could you possibly think watching a biopic on queen would be a sin? Because he’s gay?


Well, because Freddie was gay and I’m anticipating that the movie might show graphic gay scenes plus a LOT of immorality.
Having said that, I LOVE Queen and actually cried when Freddie died.


Even if it did, it wouldn’t be a sin to watch a movie on a gay man’s life. It’s not porn.


No idea what the rating is yet, so who knows what kind of scenes it may include. Some scenes may be graphic and could very well be highly immoral. They had some catchy tunes, never much paid attention to the lyrics though… I can’t bring myself to give money to hollywood, especially for certain movies like this.


Whatever one may think of Mr Mercury personally, the fact is that he possessed one of the most astounding voices ever. That he chose to share it with us was generous and gracious, and is the most important thing about him, not his personal foibles or his private life.


I listen to Queen quite frequently. Elton John too. If the Church banned as sinful music by any artist or band that was morally questionable we’d be listening to exactly nobody.


Nah just palestrina


And Monteverdi. :heart:


I don’t know who Palestrina and Monteverdi are.


One of my favorite works by Monteverdi.


Not my cuppa.


Ah well. :slight_smile:


They were a little bit before your time.


And that’s the truth!! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m meh on Queen, what I like I love, but everything else is just kinda blah to me.

As to this, honestly, I don’t care for Freddy Mercury outside of his music. He was a great musician, but I believe his work to normalize homosexual behavior has been very damaging, though I do think him bringing attention to the AIDS epidemic was a positive thing.

I won’t be watching this movie, but that’s more from a general disinterest in biopics than anything else.


How old do you think I am?


I would guess 57-58, if the 1960 in your user name is any indication.


Good guess.


The whole band is gay. I will boycott the movie. Thank you.

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