Boko Haram Declares Full Sharia; Beheads Christian Men, Forces Women to Marry in Gwoza, Madagali, in Northern Nigeria


This terrorist group has now taken over whole towns, carrying out acts that can only be called satanic–seeking out and beheading every Christian man in the area and taking over their widows. The terrorist group has now stepped up its plans by openly occupying whole towns, in one town occupying and making the parish rectory their headquarters, eliminating Christianity completely there by atrocities.


I think it is time for airstrikes in nigeria too.
Boko haram needs to be wiped off the face of the earth like ISIS.


Our Lady of Fatima,
pray for us.

Our Lady of Fatima,
convert the Muslims.

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awful news. Prayers for those women and any children caught in the middle of this.



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