Boko Haram Have 'Surrounded' Nigeria's Maiduguri, Say Elders


And this is a city listed as having a population of over1.1 million !

                                  and Nigeria's Boko Haram puts Maiduguri under 'siege' [](


The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has said that alarmist report on foreign and online media on Maiduguri “clearly intended to cause panic in the city and the nation’’.

A statement posted on the DHQ website on Thursday said that all facets of security arrangements for the defence of Maiduguri had been upgraded to handle any planned attack.

The statement also said that the arrangements would take care of attempt to disrupt the city’s prevailing peace.

“This kind of alarmist report is uncalled for in view of the efforts and alertness.

1991, 618,000, it certainly is way up in the far North Eastern part of the country near Chad, Niger:

The hotspot use to be Jos but that hasn’t been in the news now for years.


And near Cameroon it looks like on the map.

This Maiduguri according to the wikipedia article has had problems with violence as far back as the 1960s.


I’ve seen several conflicting reports this year out of Nigeria regarding Boko Haram. The government seems to issue an occasional “we’re not getting our butts kicked by BH” statement, and yet there have been protests by wives and mothers of soldiers who are worried that too many soldiers come back dead.


“Boko Haram commit the same massacres as ISIS, but they are an immature organisation, basically a ‘blood cult’ made up of children.”

Perry agreed with NSN’s bleak judgement on the situation for Maiduguri, which he calls “in many ways the centre of Boko Haram - their ‘London.’” He added, “if they manage to take Maiduguri it will be a major coup, and an almighty bloodbath.”

Newsweek, the whole article talks about Maiduguri, seemingly where many of the BH come from.

Aiding Nigeria should be considered, I know we have advisers and I posted the other day, their own air force is becoming active in the war as well.


There’s a breaking story that the Nigerian Army has routed the Boko Haram forces that were besieging Maiduguri, but the story sounds very suspicious.

                   from the article

Army spokesman Timothy Antigha said in a statement that the Islamists launched a “massive” attack on the town of Konduga, about 35 kilometres (22 miles) from Maiduguri, at 0430 GMT Friday.
“After about three hours of fierce fighting, Nigerian troops routed the Boko Haram fighting force of over 100 terrorists,” he said, adding that the insurgents suffered heavy casualties.


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