Boko Haram massacres 'infidel' civilians [CWN]


Members of the militant Islamist movement Boko Haram have released a video showing civilians being massacred in Bama, a city of 270,000 in Borno State, Nigeria. "We have made sure the …



Who is meaner? Boko Haram, ISIS or the Taliban? What an outrage.

Maybe we can somehow hope, this one Nigerian candidate for President could lead over Boko Haram.

Buhari will wipe out Boko Haram, create jobs—Osinbajo

He claimed that the Jonathan (Goodluck Johnathan is the current President)- administration is unable to tame boko haram because of the corruption around the defence funds which has created a situation where soldiers are not well equipped and motivated.

The current administration has politicised boko haram. The corruption around defence funds has created a situation where soldiers are not well equipped/motivated. GMB wiped out Maitatsine, another Islamic insurgency in his own administration by sincerely identifying the problem as a challenge to the authority of the state to maintain law and order. The administration took command and funded the military transparently and that’s what we need to do now to end this insurgency.

Just posting this, maybe there is a way out of this.


It does seem like Boko Haram has become more powerful under Goodluck Jonathan. I hope Nigeria will get a sincere candidate willing to go up against this terrorist group.


Complex situation, dangerous situation over there. This Buhari talked about corruption in the government, so these politicians not only have to deal with the Terrorists but possibly rubbing people the wrong way inside the government.

Apparently in July, a bomb went off near him when he was in an SUV. Picture of vehicle at sources below.

FORMER head of state, General Muhammadu Buhari, narrowly escaped death, on Wednesday, as a vehicle blaring siren tried to intercept his convoy near Kawo overhead, Kaduna, before it detonated a bomb in the area.

The development resulted in the death of about 14 persons. (blogging the same story: )

Former head of state, I guess he was a President and at the same time, that looks like a Muslim-type of name. Well, if he can bring peace there, he seems to be addressing the issues. I wonder if they even know who apparently tried to kill him without really chasing this story down.

Thank you for your comment.


They have different names and are located in different places. But these you list are all basically the same. They are Sunni extremists.
And ISIS is actually made up of Sunni Islamic terrorists from all the other Sunni Islamic terror groups in the world.


Often, there are “terrorist attacks” on Christmas day, it is actually predictable.

So far, it looks like there have been “attempts”. I imagine Churches in Nigeria and perhaps Kenya and other places have a security presence. They learn from the past.

Back to the attempts:

Official: 5 attackers dead at AU Somalia base
Somali extremist group al-Shabab said Thursday they were responsible for an attack on an African Union Mission in Somalia and were targeting a Christmas party at the base, which also houses embassy and U.N. offices.*

“Our forces shot dead three of them, two detonated themselves near a fuel depot, and the three are believed to have escaped,” he said.

Some African Union soldiers may have died in the fighting, Houmed said, but did not give details.

“An investigation is underway on how they entered the base,” he said, adding that the attack was launched at a time when people were busy at lunch.

Some stories have some of the African Union soldiers dying but this is not confirmed.

In Nigeria, apparently a car filled with explosives was stopped and did not explode. It rammed a military checkpoint.


Praise God.


Of the three, the Taliban comes off looking like the “nice guys,” which really says a lot about the other two.


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